Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Again so soon!!!

See I knew I wouldn't even make 3 days in a row. This is still better than once a month or more. We had a great weekend. We didn't have to babysit on Saturday and the weather was soo nice that we accomplished a number of outside tasks. We often aren't very motivated and we get sidetracked so easily that it was surprising we finished almost everything on my list. There's still lots to do and with babysitting this Saturday nothing will probably get done this weekend.

Grady is doing great. He is such a puppy though. Everything goes in his mouth. It's really fun to watch him though. Life is such a great adventure to him. It's like having a kid. Some days you want to keep them little and some days you can't wait for them to grow up.

Went to watch the boys ballgames last night. Wednesday is the last day of the regular season. How did that happen. Summer goes by much too quickly. Just when you get the hang of it school starts. I think the kids are getting bored though. Wish we could take them back to my childhood. I'm sure we got bored too, but there was so much more freedom. My brother and I and our friend Chip spent everyday outside coming up with one adventure or another. I'll have to blog about all the great things we used to do to pass the time at a later date. Oh the good ole days.

We have had such nice weather this summer for the most part. Yesterday and this morning are hot and humid but overall it's been good. It is firefly season. Last night in our backyard there were literally hundreds of them. When our kids were little we used to have to drive out in the country to see them. I would never see more than one or two in our front yard. City growth must be driving them into town.

Well I have to get ready. Another day of hauling kids and then babysitting this afternoon. Not much will get done around here. Can't complain though. Summer singer ends soon too and then I'll probably get bored staying home all the time.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New puppy!!!!

Time to blog again. Wish I could make it a habit. I so believe in journaling everyday, but I can't seem to get into the habit. 3 weeks to a habit they say. What if you can't make it 3 days?

New puppy. Yeah!!!!!! I've been struggling ever since Sam died. I can't explain it. Common sense told me that being petless was really the right thing. Both Amy and Kirby have allergies. Pets tie you down. We just bought new living room furniture. I could make a list alright. But after a few weeks of being home this summer I found myself obsessing over getting a puppy. And Amy didn't help matters she showed me this cute maltipoo. While the maltipoo probably would have been a smart choice I just couldn't find an adult small dog that I liked. So here's my new puppy Grady. 18 pounds of golden energy. What was I thinking!!!!

OK I'm an idiot. I forgot to rotate the picture. Just tilt your head you'll get the idea.

Other than training Grady, all I've accomplished is transporting grandchildren and going to ballgames and babysitting. It's all good. Summer is just going by way to fast.

Maybe if I make my blog entries short I'll do them more often. Yeah right!