Monday, January 15, 2007

Whatever happened to regularly scheduled posts?

I had such good intentions. Oh well, last year at this time I wasn't journaling at all. So really this is still an improvement. Not much exciting since last Monday. School was much better than I expected. Sometimes that full week back goes so slow. Kids were good and the much needed break from the coworkers helped. My dog is still sick. He's peeing up a storm and drinking all the time. He also seems to think that his dog food isn't any good anymore. He'll eat canned food and the hamburger rice mixture I make him. The vet was supposed to call today with the blood results, but Steve and I realized that with the holiday, they probably won't get the results back until tomorrow. Other than worrying about him making it all day without a bathroom break, he seems fine.

I scrapped today. I posted 3 layouts at DST even. And I commented on a couple of layouts that I liked that didn't have any comments. Whoa! Look at me go.

We finally got some snow. Steve got to play with his snowblower. Did I take pictures? No!!! It was too freaking cold to go out there and take pictures. Really it is very cold.

Back to last week. Kyra made the play at school. She's just in the general cast but it's soo cool that I'll get to take her to more early morning practices. It makes my day and often gives me an excuse to go to Starbucks. Last Sunday we took Amy and Cameron to Royal Fork for supper. Saturday we took Scott and Wendy. Seriously the grandkids are going to think supper at Grandma's means Royal Fork. We went over to Steve's folks yesterday. Grandma seem to have a good day. She talked to me. Grandpa said he had some health issues. Scares me to think about if something should happen to him. His kids really need to sit down with him and talk about some things.

I have to sit through an all day inservice tomorrow. What fun!!! At least it's closer to home than some of them have been and they're providing lunch. At least we won't have to go out in the cold. But since everyone else lives on the other side of town, I'll have to drive there by myself. Whine Whine!!

Well, I really haven't done much in the housework department this week. I should probably dust and vacuum. Then a nice hot bowl of chili sounds good.

Goodnight all!!

Monday, January 08, 2007


I tried to post a couple of times in the last few days and blogger was just plain weird. It wouldn't let me put periods in. I lost my typing a couple of times, so finally I just said Oh forget it. I really had intended to blog everyday.

Well the first day back at school wasn't too bad. The kids were good for the most part. Mr. W. had to wail when we took his music away before lunch, but that is just par for the course. We go a full 5 days this week and then there is a 4 day weekend for the kids. We have inservice on Tuesday. January used to be the longest month but not anymore. March has taken over that title.

I made a very good supper tonight. Hearty minestrone with barley, kale and beans. Quite tasty and very healthy. Of course we had to have texas toast with it so I'm sure that negated some of the health benefits. We took Amy's family out for supper last night to our favorite place. A buffet. But everyone can have what they want so it works well.

I've been organizing all my scrapbooking things in ACDsee. What a overwhelming task!!! I just got through all of Corina's things and I think I'll call it a night on that. Maybe I'll knit awhile. There sure isn't anything on TV.

I had to take 2 full anti anxiety pills today. I'm not sure what's up with that, but if it keeps up I'll call the doctor and see if I can go on Zoloft. It's no fun to feel like your heart is going to beat out of your chest all the time. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them either. I can be home or out. Doing nothing or at the mall. Weird, huh? Oh well it's always something.

Think I'll call Amy and see if she's home yet. Wouldn't be a complete day unless I talked to her. Goodnight all!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


That's my word for the year. I bought this black word SIMPLIFY at Hobby Lobby a while back. It is sitting on my piano now. Amy told me about Ali Edwards having a word for the year. I thought what a cool idea. At first I thought balance, I definitely need to balance things. I tend to be a all or nothing person. Then as I was looking at my newly reorganized pantry I thought simplify. Do I really need six different shapes of pasta? No it really needs to be simpler than that. SIMPLIFY!!! When I want to knit something, I don't need to buy 26 different yarns. Pick a project, get the yarn and do it. SIMPLIFY. When I want to scrapbook, I don't need to buy 26 new digi kits, pick one of the many I have, a picture and do it. SIMPLIFY. When I want to cook supper, it doesn't have to be a gourmet meal, a simple meal would be just fine. SIMPLIFY. How many clothes do I need? Pick 10 or so outfits and definitely find ones that are flattering and get rid of the rest. SIMPLIFY. It sure sound good on paper. Just the fact that Steve and I are cleaning out the closets in the basement is a good start.

Well Kyra got braces today. Two years of metal ones and three more years of the invisiline ones. That will make her 18 when she's done. That just can't be possible. In 5 short years she'll be 18. How can that be, my little Kyra girl!!! It wasn't that long ago that I was 18. OK maybe it was a few years back.

Kyler has strep. Poor guy. He wasn't feeling to well yesterday. Amy took him into Acute Care last night. 102.9 was his temp and his throat looked nasty. The quick culture came back negative, but they always seem to anyway. The put him on antibiotics. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be feeling better. We want to go to Charlotte's Web.

I actually cooked supper tonight. Skinny turkey spinach meatloaf, roasted potatoes and baked squash. It tasted so good. Finally a home cooked meal. The meatloaf came from Cooking Light and was actually very good.

Well I've actually blogged everyday so far. Now if I can just add some pictures for interest I'd be doing good.

Think I'll go knit a little tonight. Goodnight all!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I've come to the conclusion I'm a major worrywart. My dog drinks more than usual and throws up in the middle of the night, I worry he has some deadly disease. My grandson has a fever and a sore throat and I think he has influenza. I have anxiety attacks, but somehow I'm still not so sure there isn't something terribly wrong with me. Sure the anxiety pills cure it right up but I still worry. I worry about what people think. I worry about my kids everytime they go a trip. I worry about big things and I worry about small things. Is there anything good about worrying? I really don't think so. I need to learn to let a higher power take care of things that I have no control over and I take care of the things I can do something about. Now there is a new years resolution!!!!

I can't say I accomplished much today. Worked a little more on my pantry. Found more of my kitchen. Hopefully tomorrow I can actually cook supper. Of course I went over to Amy's to see all of my grandchildren. Tomorrow we might go to the movie Charlotte's Web. It will depend on how Kyler and Kyra are feeling. Kyra is getting braces tomorrow.

That's about it for tonight. Goodnight all!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2, 2007

I'm on a roll. Two days in a row. Could this be a new year's resolution I can actually keep. Did you notice my new blog header? Cool huh! My most amazing and talented daughter did that. And the papers and the elements are her own designs too. I am soo proud of her.

Steve and I had a almost productive day. We started cleaning out our pantry. With what we threw away we could have fed a small African country. There were things in there from 1999. I could bake cookies for at least a year with all the chips. Chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips even cinnamon chips. What were we thinking? Neither one of us was born in the depression. I definitely need to cook more this year. Add that to my new years resolution list.

I meant to take a picture of my living room today. It looks so nice with the new furniture and all the Christmas things down. The upstairs of the house is looking good. Now we need to work on the basement. Another new years resolution!

I had to put a snowman in my blog header because we sure don't have any snow. This is the most unusual year. It is supposed to be in the 30's the rest of the week. Maybe a slight chance of snow again on Friday. I'm sure it'll rain like it has the last few times they've talked snow. I'm not sure whether I really want snow or not. If we don't get any, we'll feel like we've been cheated. Oh well.

Good night all!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

A resolution for the new year. Blog more. Eat less. Now one does not have anything to do with the other, but if I accomplish those two things I'd be quite happy with myself.

We had a very nice Christmas. Nothing too special, just nice to get together. We had fun with Steve's brother and family. They always come with new games to play. We played Set and Quiddler and Catch Phrase 2 nights in a row. We laughed so hard at Catch Phrase. They are definitely some must have games. I'm hoping Set and Quiddler go on sale at a Christmas kiosk in the mall.

Last night we had the kids over for New Years eve. It's becoming a family tradition. We eat snacky things and play a few games and then the kids go outside and do poppers. Last year we still had streamers in our tree in July. Everyone goes home early 10:00 or so. Works well.

I did a little digi shopping today. Amy's store opened today. Had to go buy out the store there. It could become dangerous as they have ridiculously good stuff. If I knew how to get pictures of the things I bought in this blog I'd do it. Maybe another day. Hint hint Amy come over and help your old mom with that and a few other things in the computer world. I also did some scrapping yesterday. Now that Christmas is over I hope I can find a balance between knitting and scrapping. Might have to stay up later, when the bed starts calling your name at 8:00 it doesn't leave much time for getting things done.

Put the house back together today. As much as I love Christmas, this year I'm glad to have a normal house again. New furniture might have something to do with that. It looks really nice and all the furniture seems to fit well. It was a good choice to buy it at Christmas, so we would know if there was still room for a tree. That's important you know.