Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well since no one reads my blog anyway, it probably doesn't matter that I haven't posted in a while. I could explain but that would be a waste of blog space.

Today was a good day. School went well for the 3rd day. After putting the wrong kids on the wrong bus last night things just had to go better. New bus drivers are so fun. They assume we know what we're doing and we assume they know who should be on the bus. I don't think there were any reprecussions from it. Otherwise I think we are getting the kinks out of the schedules and getting the kids and us trained to where we should be.

Steve's dad is doing much better. He had cream soup and toast for lunch. He may actually go home Friday or Saturday. Steve spent the day with his mom today and will for the rest of the week. I think it was an eye opener for him. One of the things that I love the most about him is his patience and understanding. (I'm not sure our kids would think the same thing.)

Well this is going to be a short blog. I'm pooped and just want to veg out in front of the TV. Goodnight all!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just a short post. This is my last hours of summer vacation. While I'm ready to go back and have a structured routine, I'm sad to see my freedom go. I've had a great summer vacation. I spent time with the grandkids, learned to digitally scrapbook, cleaned out a few closets and rooms and even put on my swimming suit. All in all I feel like I accomplished alot. Hopefully it won't all come to stop now that I'm back to school.

We went and saw Steve's dad at the hospital tonight. He's doing really well. With any luck he should be out of the hospital this weekend. It's Steve's mom that I worry about. You could tell tonight she was lost without grandpa at home. Luckily Mary is here and can stay with her until Sunday. I'm not sure how they will manage next week when Steve's dad gets home. I'm sure it will all work out but I know it's on everyone's minds.

Well I've laid out my clothes for the morning and my hair should be good tomorrow. I love that I only have to shower and shampoo my hair every other day. See there are good things about growing older. I have to remember to get some cash from Steve for lunch tomorrow. We get to eat out these next two days. A treat since we never have a chance the rest of the school year.

Goodnight all.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Finally I have internet back. We have had more problems with wireless. You'd think we lived in a huge house. Hopefully Steve has the problem permanently fixed. It's very frustrating not to be able to connect to the internet. I know there are people out there who never log on to the internet, but I'm not one of them. I use it to find recipes, answer questions, connect with the outside, and get new ideas. I am totally lost without it.

Blogger has finally let me upload a picture too. This is my finished office/den. It just makes me happy to have a space to work and not have to work around the kitchen table. Next project is to get our bedroom painted and maybe a new dresser. We think we can downsize our clothes and share a dresser. With our small rooms, if we can eliminate a piece of furniture or make what we have work more efficiently it would be a good thing.

We went to the farmer's market today. It is the perfect time of year to go. I bought tomatoes, red carrots, purple potatoes, and orange beets. We also bought a dozen ears of sweet corn. So tonight for supper we had a nice steak, sweet corn and sliced tomatoes. We even had a glass of 3 buck Chuck wine. It was a perfect simple meal. I also bought at the farmer's market the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. There's this beautiful family that raises organic vegetables in Iowa and their daughter grows the most amazing flowers.

I also did some scrapbooking today. Hopefully blogger will be nice and let me post another picture. I think it turned out ok. I want to have some pages done for the Meyer reunion. Ok so I'm not so good at placing pictures in my blog, but at least it's here.
Goodnight all!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well my room is finished except for the picture hanging. It took me all day to clean out the closet. It's amazing how many craft projects I have/had unfinished. If the road to heaven is paved with good intentions then I'm there babe. But my closet now is totally organized and hopefully this winter I will work on some knitting and embroidery projects. At least when the urge strikes I'll be able to get to them. So tomorrow it's on to the bathroom and linen closet. That should be a quick job. It seems I do the linen closet every year. I blame it on having a small house and the linen closet gets to be a catchall. Hopefully there isn't anything that needs to be thrown away. The garbage can is full and the trash haulers don't come until Monday.

Just finished watching 2 hours of Grey's Anatomy. I can never seem to stay awake during the school year. Hopefully with it going to Thursday nights I'll stand a little better chance of seeing it. And if I can convince Steve that we need to have DVR I can watch alot of shows.

It looks like we could get some thunderstorms later tonight. After just checking the radar, though, it looks like it could just split around us. I hope not, I like a good thundershower.

I'm going to give blogger a few more minutes and then I'm posting without a picture of my room. I don't know why it has been giving me problems lately. Oh well I guess it doesn't want my picture tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


OK it's 9:30 at night and we need ends for our TV cable that we had to move from one side of the room to the other in my new den/office. Well back in the day, we would have had to wait until tomorrow after Steve got home before we could finish hooking up our cable and that would have put me another day behind schedule. (Of course if I had started this and all my other projects the end of June I'd be ahead of schedule. Some year I'm going to have everything done before school gets out.) Yeah right and toads jump backwards. But I digress! Walmart of course is open 24/7 and they carry everything. I've come to the conclusion that if Walmart don't have it you don't need it. Really think about how much simpler life would be if the whole world shopped at only Walmart. No more jealousy over your neighbors designer jeans. Hers would look just like yours. There would be no comparison about who spent more for this or that, everyone would just get a good deal at Walmart. I think we could end the war in the Middle East by just giving everyone there $500 gift cards to Walmart. They would all be so busy shopping they would forget all about the fighting and hatred. Walmart are you listening I have some time between 5 and 6 in the morning, I could freelance for your advertising department. What I really like best about Walmart though is people watching. You don't see people like that anywhere else but at Walmart. And especially at 9:30 at night. Did you know there's a whole society of teeth missing people out there? Evidently they must hold their weekly meetings on Wednesday night and the meeting must get over about 8:30 or 9:00. Then of course where else would you go after that but to Walmart. Seriously I was at the mall today with Kyra. I don't think I saw one toothless person. Is there some unwritten code out there I am unaware of? I really need to know these things because I'm missing one molar and if I loose any more am I going to be banned from the mall?

Well tomorrow I hope to finish this room. The closet is a major disaster and all the things that need to go on the new bookcase is laying on the spare bed. If I can get this room done tomorrow, I can clean the pantry on Friday. Then if I can get Steve to clean out his closet and dresser drawers, I might actually feel ready to start school. On that note I'm actually making out some menus and they looked pretty doable. One can hope anyway.

Just for you Amy! Goodnight all!!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


1. Walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes. I was hoping to do more but just couldn't do it. Sometimes the body just won't cooperate. Or maybe my mind didn't want to do anymore and the body said hey that's alright with me.

2. Cleaned out my refrigerator. How 2 people can end up with so many condiments. Explain to me why we need 4 different kinds of mustard.

3. Stripped the bedding on our bed and washed it. Should have done another load or 2 of laundry but that bedding took so long to dry. Well at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

4. Went over and played with Will. Actually I come over and he yells at me. He just screeches in a most happy way when I hold him and talk to him. I call it yelling, but I'm sure he's just voicing all his requests for when he gets bigger.

5. Went and bought hamburger and taco seasoning for Amy. Who knew Old El Paso made a cheesy taco seasoning.

6. Made supper (Mexican shrimp, mushroom rice and fresh green beans. 2 days in a row I've stayed in my point range. I have to undo the damage I did over the weekend. Why does it take 2 weeks to undo 3 days of overeating. That's just not right.

7. Went through recipes on wthe Cooking Light website to make ahead for school. Would like to have a bunch of go to meals in the freezer for when I come home too tired to cook.

8. Babysat Kirby and Kyler while Amy took Kyra to the eye doctor. That is such a tough gig. If I had left the house I'm not sure the boys would have noticed.

9. Talked to Scott on the phone and told the girls goodnight. Scott has had a bite on his leg for over 2 weeks and it's getting worse instead of better. He just needed some mom advice.

10. Helped Steve move furniture in my den/office. Boy do I need a bigger house. Oh well I don't need House Beautiful just efficient use of space. It'll definitely be cozy. No matter what I'm enjoying my desk.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I wish I could say that I've been too busy to blog, but that just wouldn't be the case. I have been busy but definitely not that busy. With just a little over a week left of my summer vacation, I'm feeling like I have to cram a lot into this last week and a half. I always do this. I play most of the summer and then at the end I try to get all the projects that I've had planned for the summer done in the last possible moments. I have no regrets this summer. Oh sure I would have liked to have done more with the house, but I wouldn't have given up all the grandchildren time for anything. Of course if I wasn't such a TV junkie I probably could have done both, played and worked on projects. I am excited that I now have a desk for my laptop and printer. The kitchen table can now be a kitchen table and not a desk. Steve and I can actually have dinner together without looking over the laptop. My den/office is still a huge mess and we still have to move out a bookcase and replace it with a new and larger one. I'll take pictures when it's all done. Of course a smart person would have painted the room first and maybe even refinished the hardwood floors but this tiny room has so much furniture in it that I'm not sure we could even clear it out to do that. My goal for this week is to finish this room and start on reorganizing the pantry in the basement. Good goals but not likely to be finished in one week.

Tomorrow morning I have to go over and stay with Steve's mom while his dad has a colonoscopy. I'm not looking forward to it and I'm not sure why. I love her like she were my own mom but I guess I'm not sure how she is going to react to Steve's dad being gone for 3 hours and I haven't had to be alone with her since she has had Alzheimers. I can handle 30 special needs kids in a room by myself, but one woman in a house has me a little stressed. I need to get over it though. I'm sure there will be many more challenges ahead as we deal with this disease with her. They have to find a cure for Alzheimers there just seems to be more and more people out there with it. I think I'm also a little stressed that Steve's dad is going to be dropped off and have this procedure with no one there with him.

OK blogger is being weird so I going to quit now before it loses my post again.