Monday, June 30, 2008

A Helper, A Nurturer and Just Darn Cute

We had Will for about 4 hours yesterday all by himself. Haley had her Rock Star birthday party and even though Will probably would have napped through most of it, it just seemed easier if we kept him. Since Steve is working on the deck in back Will wanted to help. Grandpa got him a hammer, a couple of nails and a board. Will pounded and pounded. He's pretty good for a 2 year old. Then he helped Grandpa by handing him screws as Grandpa put together the frame of the deck. I thought how nice it would be to have Kirby and Kyler come over and help Grandpa too. They have never had much of a chance to do that. Between Kirby's allergies and the fact they never wanted to leave their mom, we never had them by themselves. We should try and make up for that now that they are 9 and 10. It won't be long and they will be grown up.
Speaking of my deck, it is coming along nicely. It will be so nice to have a larger deck that everyone can sit on. I can't wait until I can go and order my table and chairs. Steve wants to build a retaining wall on the hill. He has had a love for those retaining wall bricks for a long time. He is always checking out walls and looking at the bricks at Menards. I'm not crazy about them but if that's what makes him happy go for it.
After Will was done with helping Grandpa we came in and had a snack and played. He pulled out the baby and baby stroller. He just had the best time pushing the stroller around and taking the baby in and out. He was so tender and sweet with that baby, it was just cute. I told him he was going to be a good daddy when he grew up and he just beamed.
Well it's another Monday. Will she start dieting for real today? I really do have to kick it in gear and get serious about this. I hate how I feel and look, but sometimes even that isn't enough. I often kid that the stars and the moon all have to be in the right order for some things to happen. Sometimes I think I'm not too far from the truth with that. So we'll see. I'll keep you posted.
On my agenda today is laundry. Maybe a walk with the dog. Go see Hannah and her new cast. Finish cleaning the spare bedroom . And finish up my planting. Tonight is Kirby's last regular game of the season. I'm looking forward to that. If I can keep the tv off I should get alot done.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Wind comes sweeping down the plain

Wow was it windy yesterday!! Amy and I went to the Farmers Market bright and early yesterday morning and we practically blew away. And the wind never stopped all day. The 10 o'clock news said we had over a 60 mph wind gust. Just craziness.
I am just loving our farmers market. It is finally getting to where there are more vegetables all the time. Living in the midwest we have such a short growing season that it is often late summer before we get things like tomatoes and eggplants and such. I bought swiss chard, kohlrabi, green onions, micro mix and spinach. Now to carry through with my plan to cook all week and eat lots of vegetables.
Watching the kids went well yesterday. It was a definitely do nothing day. Between the wind blowing so hard and Hannah's broke leg, we were all pretty much slugs. I'm hoping Monday when she gets her cast on that she will be even more mobile and we can do more things. Will was his usual self. He pretty much just stuck by me and hung out. The girls and I played a game of Sorry and I took Haley to the library, but that's all she wrote for the day.
We have Will this afternoon, while Haley is having her friends birthday party. It's all he talked about yesterday. "I go your house Grandma." Yes Will but not until tomorrow. "I bring my hammer." He thinks he's going to help Grandpa build on the deck. I'm sure Grandpa can't wait for that good help.
This looks to be a busy week. Ball games on Monday and Wednesday, Summer singer concert Wednesday too, Haley's family birthday party Thursday and the 4th of July on Friday. And I thought I could cook this week. I better plan well.
Have a good Sunday.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Singing in the Rain

Yesterday was the first of three summer singer concerts. They sang downtown at the old Courthouse Museum courtyard. Every Friday they have a different group perform and they sell lunches and people bring chairs and listen to some very good music. It's one of the great things about Sioux Falls, how they promote the arts. We have sculptures all through the downtown area and everything. Sioux Falls is just a great place to live. Except for the weather. Yesterday was windy and cloudy. As the girls were getting ready to sing it started to sprinkle. It sprinkled the whole time they were singing and as soon as they were done the rain stopped. Luckily it never rained hard. And the last time I took Kyra it was like 100 degrees and no breeze. I think this was better. This is Kyra's last year doing this. I don't think she has had as good a time this year as she has had in the past. It will be weird next year not taking her. I hope Haley and now next year Hannah will be old enough, that they will want to do it for another year or two.
I babysit today. It should be interesting with Hannah and her leg. I should research some kid card games to teach her how to play. Amy and I are going to the farmers market this morning. Hope we don't get blown away. The wind is really blowing today. Of course this is South Dakota. Weather is always part of the conversation. So of course the wind must blow on a nice sunny morning. I hope Steve gets a chance to work on the deck some this weekend. When we were at Sears last night I looked at my new patio table. I can't wait until the deck is done and we can go and buy it.
Well off to get ready for the day.

Friday, June 27, 2008

How lazy can one person get?

Boy did I do nothing yesterday! In my defense, I really didn't feel that great. I don't know if it was from eating multigrain bread, though I didn't have that much, just a couple of pieces. Or my trying to not drink diet Coke. Whatever it was my stomach did flipflops all afternoon yesterday. So when your stomach is rumbling and flipping what do you have for supper? Pizza of course. I must say after eating the pizza my stomach felt better. Maybe my body needs to break into eating healthy gradually. Yeah right.
Hannah seems to be doing ok with her broken leg. She just seems so quiet and sad. I'm sure not being able to do all the things she usually does has her quite bummed. She's doing fairly well her crutches but you can tell she would rather not be using them. I think she is afraid of hurting herself more if she fell. I can't blame her for that. She's very cautious and fearful when she's on them.

While Hannah was laying on the couch, Will and Haley "played the piano". Grandma's best toy. Then later in the evening Amy and the kids walked over. It is so nice that we live so close. We just sat outside as it was a nice evening. Almost chilly. Poor Ky. He wasn't even sitting there 10 minutes and the mosquitos started biting him. No one else just him. He swells up terribly with those bites too. Luckily as he has gotten older they don't seem to swelling quite as much.

Today I have to take Kyra and Haley downtown for their summer singer's concert. I remember from the last time that parking was a pain, so we will be leaving early to get a good place to park. I must remember to take my camera. After that not much is on the agenda today. I really need to clean the house. I've put it off most of the week and tomorrow I'll be at Scott's all day. Summer is flying these days, those we still haven't had too much really hot weather yet. I'm not worried, I'm sure we'll still have it.

Must go see if I can get anything done.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ask for rain and you get rain! Should I ask for money?

Yesterday I said we needed rain. Well at about 5 this morning, the sky lit up like the fourth of July. There was a constant rumble and the sound of raindrops and a few hail stones hitting my windows. I turned on the radio and it said we were in a severe thunderstorm warning, but I didn't get up to check the radar or anything. I just laid there and listened to the beautiful sound of rain. They're talking about more storms this afternoon so we could get more rain. That would be good. A couple of inches every couple of weeks would make most of us very happy.
I took Haley and Kyra to the mall yesterday after summer singers. We went to get Hannah a new webkinz. It was an experience. They are both smart and funny and actually get along pretty well considering their age difference. I let them go to Icing by themselves while I looked around in CJ Banks. I met them at Icing and they were just having the best time looking and trying things. They had found the 10 for $1o area and of course I said go ahead and pick up ten items. They had already said they would do 5 each. Even almost 9 year olds can appreciate a good deal. Then we went to Maurices and bought Kyra an outfit. Since she's lost almost 15 pounds her clothes are getting a little too loose. Then it was lunch and a check to see what was new at Hot Topic. I'm sure Haley had never been in there before. She didn't seemed fazed. Her mother might not have liked some of the words on the tshirts, but I don't think Haley even noticed. Then we ran over to Michaels and I bought some yarn. I'm going to crochet an afghan for my living room. Just a big oversized granny square, but I'm loving the colors I chose - a limish green, gold and brick. So then it was home, supper and ball games. A most unproductive day really, but very fun. Being productive is highly over rated. Having fun is more important.
I found out next week is the boys last ball games. They just have single elimination tournaments after that. As poorly as Kirby's team is playing they'll probably only play one game. They haven't won one game yet this season. That's definitely not because of Kirby. His team wouldn't even stand any chance at all if it wasn't for him. So with baseball over, and summer singers over in a couple of weeks, summer is going by much too fast. Part of me will be glad to not haul kids and to not sit 2 evenings a week at a ball game (even though that is the best part of summer). It will just be nice to not have to go anywhere.
Today I have no plans really. Some household things, some crocheting and hopefully a little more raindrop watching.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Come Back Rain

Remember how I complained that it was always raining. Well it hasn't rained in about 2 weeks and we need some rain. Yeah I know I'll have to deal with muddy dog paws but I really like that lush green grass and beautiful flowers. I hate seeing sprinklers all the time. So bring on some rain. Actually there is a chance of rain for the next few days and I did wake to some thunder and lightning about 3 this morning. And the deck is a little wet this morning.
Let's see what did I do yesterday. The usual, hauling kids, a little housework that sort of thing. I did go to Lewis Drug between kids and bought Hannah some things for her to do while she's laid up. Did you know coloring books are hard to come by? Is is just a seasonal thing? Or don't kids color anymore? That would be too bad, since coloring is one of those nice little quiet activities everyone can do.
I scrapped again yesterday. 2 pages even. It's like feast or famine here. Granted they're simple pages but I'm starting to like them that way.
Amy and the kids walked over last night. It's so cool that they are all trying to eat healthier and exercising. It's helping me to be motivated too.
I emailed all Steve's sisters and brother yesterday to confirm a date for a reunion next summer. We had a good time last time. I would like to see us do it on a regular basis because once Grandpa and Grandma are gone it will be hard to do it.
Today is more of the usual. Though I might take Haley to the mall to buy Hannah a Webkinz. We could have lunch there too. I might haul her to Michaels. I have this urge to crochet an afghan. I really need to plant the rest of my plants and make my front deck look less like a potting shed and more like a deck. Then we have ball games to go to tonight. A good summer day.
Off to the shower and start my day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sad Sad Sad

This is the look you have when your best playmate has gone back to work after 2 weeks at home. Grady just kinda mopped all day yesterday. He and Steve had such a good time on Steve's vacation. At least Grady thought they did. They worked out in the backyard all day and just generally hung out together. Good times for a dog.

The other sad news is that my little Hannah broke her leg. She was at the playground across the street with Haley, Kyra and Dan. She fell off the monkey bars and broke her right leg. Luckily Kyra's boyfriend Dan carried her across the street. Hannah makes the most of her injuries usually so at first everyone thought maybe it wasn't too bad. But Amy thought she was crying too hard and when her dad came and they tried to get her to stand on it then they knew something was up. Poor thing - soccer camp was supposed to start that night. Well that's out along with maybe summer soccer. Since it's a spiral break I don't know if it will take a longer recovery or not. She goes next week to the pediatric ortho man and gets her cast. It will be an interesting summer for her that's for sure. I've only broke a finger and neither Scott or Amy had any broken bones, but now 3 of my 6 grandchildren have broken a arm or a leg. Ky's done it twice.

As long as we're on sad news. I woke up yesterday morning to hear that George Carlin had passed away. He was one of my favorite comedians. I used to love it when he would be on the Tonight show with Johnny Carson. In fact just Sunday I downloaded a couple of his podcasts from ITunes. Even though he used profanity he was a smart comedian. His comedy made you think. He just didn't throw bad words out for the laugh.
I scrapped again yesterday. Once I decided to just do it and do it for the memory - not to be like someone else - it goes pretty well. Might even do another page today.
I pretty much accomplished everything on my list yesterday. I haven't made one for today yet.
I have to take kids to summer singers, but this afternoon I might finish my spare bedroom. I keep going through my clothes and finding more for Goodwill. I even did ok on the diet thing yesterday. I drank slimfast for breakfast, had a great salad for lunch. I had planned on having lamb burgers and taboulleh for supper but Steve came home not hungry and then we had to go to ballgames so I had some cheese and crackers. Not necessarily the best choice but better than fast food. We came home from the ballgames and I ate some of the tabouleh. Actually I ate it all. It was so good and the whole box was only 150 calories. Could have been worse. So today finish off my slimfast, have another salad and TONIGHT we'll have the lamb burgers and some vegetables.
Well must get the day started.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Can We Say Lazy!

Yesterday was definitely a lazy day. We went out for brunch with Scott and Wendy and the kids. Then all of us traipsed over to Sam's. I thought we went to just hang out with them some more and maybe buy some strawberries. Well $100 later. I bought 2 cd's some strawberries and asparagus. Steve bought a couple of shirts, throw in a few other things and there you go. With the price of gas climbing everyday I think we'll have to start thinking about driving across town all the time and just buying whatever strikes our fancy. Listening to the news it doesn't sound like the price will ever come back down again. I try not to think too much about it because it worries me. It doesn't seem like things can get better any time soon. Enough with the depressing stuff.

Since I was just lazy yesterday, I actually scrapped a page. I had to call Amy about a gazillion times. I used a template and had never really done that before. I don't know if it makes it easier or not. Maybe once I get the hang of it. It did feel good to be creative again.

Today I've got quite a few things I want to accomplish. Strip the sheets on our bed. Clean out the fridge. General cleaning and dusting. I have a hair appt this afternoon so I really need to make the most of my morning. I'm also going to try and make it a whole day dieting. I'm also going to try to get some exercise in. I'm going to take it one day at a time. For over a year I've tried to get back in the swing of dieting or eating healthier and I never seem to make it past a week or so. I'm tired of how I feel, so maybe that can be the big motivator. Hopefully.

We have ball games again tonight. Hannah has soccer camp this week too. Steve's got alot of work to get done on the deck this week. The weather threatens to get warm by next week, so I hope he gets alot accomplished before then.

Off to the showers, breakfast and get my chores done.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Silly Boy

This is my favorite 2 year old. He's smart. He's funny. And he knows it. I wish I could bottle him up and save him for another day. He is probably my last grandchild so I think I appreciate all his little quirks and antics all the more. That and I just adore the 2 to 3 year old age. Here he is sitting on the potty after his nap. He is trying to poop. I made a face at him and this is what I got in return. And then of course break out the camera in my pocket and they get even better. "You take a picture of me, Grandma?" There are so many times when I'm glad that I remembered to put the camera in my pocket. This is definitely one of them. I think I should also carry a pocket voice recorder so I can record that sweet voice and mannerisms.
Another Will silly. I made supper last night of meatballs, rice and broccoli. Will loves broccoli. He would eat off the top of the broccoli and them proclaim " Deeee lish us!" He did that to every piece he ate. Pure silliness.
Yesterday was pretty quiet. We played outside for awhile. Haley had a couple of friends over for book club. Haley and Will took long naps. Hannah and I hung out. She did her fashion Bratz thing and I started a scrapbook page. Steve came over and had supper with us. He's doing really well with his tooth. Overall it was just a nice day hanging out with the kids. Next week I'm toying with taking everybody to a movie again. Wall-e comes out and I think everyone wants to see that one. I'll have to see how Amy feels about it since she is the one who has to drive.
Steve goes back to work tomorrow. I've really enjoyed having him home and Grady has really enjoyed it. They've been working outside and going on errands. Grady will be lost tomorrow with just boring me. I need to really kick it in gear tomorrow and start getting all those projects done I thought I would. And shhh don't tell anyone but I think I'm going to start dieting again. Another Monday start. Sooner or later one of them has to stick.
Well off to get dressed and see what I may or may not get done today.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well yesterday was weird. Steve went to the dentist to have his tooth pulled at 9:00. He came home around 11:30 and said he didn't feel too bad but proceeded to take two of the pain meds the dentist had prescribed. It was a extensive extraction, having to cut away part of the bone. That and my husband has no tolerance for pain. Anyway all was going well. He went downstairs to watch tv, took an icepack with him and it was looking good. I went over to Amy's for awhile to firm the plans of me picking up the kids. Came home and Steve was asleep. Good, maybe he won't be in too much pain. I kept doing laundry and checking on him. So far so good. I get ready to go to pick up the kids around 3 and while I was in the bathroom I hear him pound on the ceiling getting my attention. I go downstairs and he's sitting on the sofa, gray as gray could be and sweating up a storm. Get me a bowl I think I'm going to puke he says. I freak a little. He kinda goes in and out. Next thing I know he lurches forward and starts convulsing. Now I freak alot. At school I'm the one everyone comes to in a crisis because I don't panic. Even if someone is sick or bleeding. But when it's my husband well, that's a whole different story. Luckily he was out for only a little bit and once I could convince him to lay down he improved tremendously. After he came to, I asked him if I should call someone. You know like 911 or maybe even the dentist. He said Why I'm passed out? Silly man. Needless to say I called Amy and we decided that she would take care of the kids and get Haley to her birthday party. Luckily I have such great kids. The rest of the evening he was fine and this morning other than some pain he seems back to normal. He's not allowed to have anymore teeth pulled. Of course he has bad teeth so chances are we will go through this again.

I have to babysit today. It's a nice day and the kids should play outside most of the time. Haley has book club this afternoon and we talked about making meatballs for supper tonight. Should be a fun day. Long but fun. I'm bringing my laptop so maybe I can scrap a few pages. That would be good.

Better go get ready.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nothing New

Yesterday was just one of those days. An ordinary not much kind of a day. While I didn't do much, I didn't just spend it in front of the tv or reading a book. Reading a book would have been good though, because I'm falling behind in the book reading. I'm such a all or nothing kind of girl. When I read that's all I do and so then when I'm doing something else of course I can't read, because, well you know. I need to get back to my list making. Next week, right along with dieting. I have to be the top prize winner in the start on Monday category.

So what did I do yesterday. I did my summer singer transporting. When I dropped Haley off, Scott asked if I would watch the kids for awhile. Will had gone down for a nap and Scott had a 1:00 appointment at the studio. So I did that and then went to get lunch for Steve and I. After lunch Amy and I went to Cliff Ave greenhouse and a couple of kitchen stores. Kitchen stores are amazing. Especially restaurant supply ones. All the big containers and pots. It was so cool. After I got home from that Steve and I went to Sams. It was nice to go on a Thursday afternoon. It was quiet and there were no lines. Got home from that and then it was time for Scott to come and help Steve with getting the lumber for our new deck. I can't wait for it to be done. Unfortunately Steve is getting a tooth pulled today, so he'll be out of commission this weekend for the most part. But I forsee in the next couple of weeks it should be done. After that it was bedtime. Now today I need to clean and do more laundry. I have to take Haley to a party at 5, but otherwise I think I'm home for the day. I'm sure I'll run over to Amy's to see the kids for awhile, but that should be it.

I have a kid story. Taking Kyra to summer singers is usually a pretty quiet event. She is just not much of a talker and she definitely is not one to share much of herself. But Haley on the other hand is quite the talker and she is definitely free with the glimpses of herself. I've learned lots from Haley. Yesterday we were coming home and I asked her about this naughty boy in her group. I guess he is just terrible. Anyway I had seen a black boy coming out with her group so I asked if he was the naughty boy. "Oh yeah", she said. I said, "Maybe he was uncomfortable because he was the only black and that is why he's so naughty." Haley in true Haley form says, "No they should be used to it, because whites sign up for everything." Alright, Already. Maybe all of our diversity teaching in school isn't paying off as well as we think. Or maybe it is, since she wasn't going to allow his bad behavior to be based on race. We also had a long discussion about it being ok to slap people because you're angry. She thinks that is ok if you are angry to slap someone. She thinks that there are times when you don't have to be accountable for you actions. I tried the well if you're mad it must be ok to kill someone right. After all that person made you mad. I don't think I convinced her, but maybe I gave her something to think about. Luckily she's a pretty good kid, not some mass murderer waiting in the wings.

Off to see what the day brings today.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rally hats and sweeping

After I take Kyra to summer singers, I usually go back to Amy's house and hang out. It's way more fun than going home. Her house always has an energy and kids. So yesterday when I got there they were all outside. Haley, Hannah and Kyler were on the swing set discussing the latest game they could play with their webkinz. Kirby and Will were sweeping the patio - their idea of a good time. I was there for at least 20 minutes and they swept the whole time. And let me tell you that Will can sweep. He's got the moves down to a professional level. Push, push, get it in a pile. Push, push, push, pile it up some more. I love how Kirby is so patient with Will. They are just best buds.

I didn't get too much done yesterday. Some laundry of course. How 2 people can have so much is really beyond me. I was going to get my pots all planted, but my shoulder was having a bad day. It's amazing how being in pain can just kill your energy. I plan on going to Cliff Avenue today and buying some more plants. My 2 pots that I had planted earlier, drowned. That's right drowned. I didn't check to make sure there was a drainage hole and with all the rain they were saturated and I kept watering them to boot. That's the way it goes sometimes. Most years my planting would be completely done by June 1st.

Kyler and Kirby had games last night. The weather was perfect. It's what I wait all year for, warm summer evenings and a ball game or two with my grandsons playing. It doesn't get any better than that really. Kyler you could tell just wasn't quite into his game. He did a good job in the field. Cameron has done a amazing job with those boys and their fielding skills. But Kyler just wasn't into the batting part of the game. He wouldn't use 2 hands and his swings were like"I'm just going to swing at all the pitches so I can strike out and go back to sitting in the dugout." Ky may not be as enthusiastic player as Kirby but he usually does better than he did last night. Then we went to Kirby's game. Whatever it was that Ky was lacking, Kirby more than made up for it. He was on fire. He pitched amazing, his fielding is always excellent and he hit the ball well every time he was up for bat. I love watching that kid play ball. Kirby likes the name Fernando and last night even his coach was calling him Fernando. And don't you love the rally hat. Both he and Ky do that. Doesn't matter that no one else on the team does that. It's what they do. Love those boys.
Steve's been working on the back deck. It's all tore down and he's dug the trenches for the brace pieces. He and Scott are going to Menards today to buy wood. It'll be nice if Scott can help load and unload the truck. It'll make things so much easier for his dad. Tomorrow Steve gets a tooth pulled. Understandably he won't get much done tomorrow. Hey if I can use my shoulder pain, a tooth pulled is just as good.
Well Grady acts like he needs out again. Must start my day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 Months from today

That's right! It's only 2 months from today when school will start again. Why is it the last 2 months of summer vacation goes so much faster than the first month? Maybe because no matter how hard I try not to think about it, in these last couple of months, in the back of my mind is the little thought that time is running out. That little thought is not there that first month. So lets see, have I accomplished what I thought I would so far. Uh,well I do have 2 months left you know. I should try and do one exciting thing so I have something to talk about when we go back. Because, you know, no matter what your age, people always ask "What did YOU do on your summer vacation?" Now I really like my do nothing summers. I have no burning desire to travel or spend days at a lake. My joy comes from seeing my grandchildren on an almost daily basis. Everyday I'm so reminded how fast they are growing up. That in a few short years, they'll be complaining, " Do we have to go see Grandma?" or " But mom I have plans". So I for now this is exactly the summer vacation I want. It's just not that exciting to tell about. But back to the accomplishing things. Man I'm just so not good at that. Over the years I've become the queen of procrastinators. You see I still have 2 months left to get everything accomplished. Oh well and there's always next summer too.

Yesterday was another beautiful day. After all that complaining, the weather has finally given us a reason to celebrate. I am just so grateful that I live here in South Dakota these days. We have been spared when it comes to the wrath of Mother Nature. All the tornadoes and now the flooding in Iowa. I just can't imagine what it would be like to lose your home and in some cases your job. My prayers go out to those people. Makes my complaining about not accomplishing enough a little lame doesn't it.

So what did I do yesterday. Transported kids to and from summer singers. Planted some plants. Went to the grocery store. Went with Amy to a Farmers Market and Barnes and Nobles. Cooked supper. Did some laundry. Read a little. Steve tore apart the deck in back. We're replacing it with a much bigger one. Hopefully it doesn't take too long, I would like to enjoy it this summer. Amy and the kids walked over in the evening. They had walked to Lexi's game and then here. I had mentioned to Amy awhile back that she needs to bring the kid over more so Grady doesn't go beserk when people come. I'm afraid that he just loves kids so much that I don't know if he'll ever calm down when people come over. Especially if they have kids. Amy is working on eating healthier. She's into this raw food thing. It has to be better than eating a bunch of packaged foods with chemicals and preservatives. Maybe she can inspire me to lose weight.

Well I've wasted enough of my morning writing. Better get to accomplishing something.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

Yesterday was an absolute perfect weather day. It was a picture postcard day for the state of South Dakota. 7o some degrees, light winds, blue skies - you couldn't ask for anything better. So what did I do, you ask? I stayed in the house most of the day cleaning and playing on the computer. Actually it was a great day for doing that too. Unfortunately I still have flowers to plalnt and weeds to pull. My goal this summer is to get my yard in order along with some rooms inside too. Glad there's still 2 months left. I never know how I would manage with only 2 weeks off a year. It might really be better in the long run because I wouldn't put everything off until summer. What a thought! We went to Kirby's game in the evening. They are starting to play better and hopefully one of these days they will even win one. Kirby is such a good player I would love to see him play on a good team. He doesn't care though and that is what matters. That he just loves playing the game.

I came across a meme that sounded like fun. A little trip down memory lane.
Who was your best friend in high school? Janet Burns. She and I were inseperable. I spent as much time at her house as I did at my own. We didn't have alot of classes together, but we went to all the ball games and wrestling matches together. Friday nights we would take turns driving and flipping the loop, the thing to do in Huron on the weekends.
What kind of car did you drive? I always drove my dad's car. It was always a Chrysler of some sort. I remember a blue one and then a 2 tone green one. Wish I could dig out a picture easily, but they're put away somewhere. Janet and I put many miles on that car. In those days the price of gas wasn't an issue. We probably drove all night for less than a dollar. Gas was about 25 cents a gallon.
Where were you on Friday nights? Like I mentioned earlier, we would be flipping the loop and looking for boys, Wolsey boys to be exact. I even married a Wolsey boy. During the school year we would go to the basketball game and then drive around.
Were you a flirt? I'm not sure I'd call myself a flirt, but I wasn't afraid to talk to anybody, that's for sure.
Were you in band , orchestra or chorus? No unfortunately. I played the clarinet for a few months but my heart wasn't in it. I had wanted to play the flute, but the band teacher talked us out of it. I still think if I had been allowed to play the flute, I would have been in band.
Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Beattie, my psychology teacher. He was just a great guy who told us many stories about himself and he wasn't old and stuffy like so many of the teachers. I'm sure they were all of 40. LOL. Anyway he was the one who said no girl should ever get pregnant because girls can run faster with their dresses up than boys can with their pants down. Now days, he might be called into the office for those kinds of remarks.
What was your high school mascot? a tiger Go Huron Tigers
Did you go to prom? No A bunch of us got together and had a progressive supper. At the time it seemed like a poor substitute for the prom and I'm sure we were bummed that no one asked us. But later we all decided that we had way more fun than the kids who went to the prom.

I have great memories of high school. Even though I wasn't one of the most popular kids, I was involved in lots of activities, had a great group of friends and enjoyed learning too. I'm always saddened when kids say that high school was the worst time of their lives. I can understand it, but it still saddens me. So much of who we are is formed in high school. Sometimes I think we really don't ever get out of the labels and emotions of high school. So in my perfect little world everyone would have great high school experiences. What a better place the world would be.

Off to get some things accomplished today.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend!!! Beautiful weather (I know I'm talking about the weather again but it was extraordinarily beautiful) was just the cherry on the top. I started Friday with going out to lunch with my friends from work. Glenna was in town from Rapid City so of course we had to do lunch. We went to Spezia's which is always good. I had a sandwich and a salad. The sandwiches at Spezias are no ordinary sandwiches. This one was fire roasted bread and grilled chicken. Just awesome flavor. I would like to try and duplicate something like that at home. It shouldn't be too hard other than getting the flavors right. Just grill some bread, grill some chicken and make a pesto mayo. Like I said getting the flavor right would be the trick. But I think even if it wasn't dead on, it would still be good.

After a 2 hour lunch I came home for awhile before I went to Haley's Camp Invention finale. She had a great time at the camp I think. I wish I could have sent Kirby to that too, but I'm not sure he would have went. He gets a little set in his ways and enjoys his leisure time too much. It may have only been open for ULE and Challenge center kids, but that would be unfair because from what I could tell, all kids would benefit from learning to work together and thinking about solutions to problems. By the way I like this picture because it showed a project and Haley pointing it out, but the girl grabbing her crotch, I probably should have cropped that out huh? And of course it's a little blurry. Oh well what can I say my photography skills are going down the tube. The more I seem to know the worse my pictures are.
Later that evening we took Will (all by himself) to Kyler's ball game. Listening to him talk up a storm on the way there and back was the best. I found out that he wants to play baseball, basketball and football when he gets bigger. NOT SOCCER! He was so adamant about that that it was funny. I'm not sure if he thinks soccer is only for girls since his sisters play it or what but he had a definite opinion about not playing it. After the game when we were walking to our cars, he turned to Amy and said, "I'm done with you now Amy." Too funny!

Saturday I watched Scott and Wendy's kids all day. I am really enjoying it this year. I've always enjoyed it but this year with Will older and at that perfect stage of cuteness it's really fun. While Will was taking a nap, Grandpa came over and watched him so Amy and I could take all the kids to the movie. We saw Kung Fu Panda. Cute movie. Besides being a good movie, I enjoyed seeing all the previews. There are a ton of movies coming up that look good. Grandma better save her money.
Sunday was Father's Day. We went over to Steve's dad's house for lunch. Lori cooked which was so nice. She made a lime tequila turkey breast she had bought from Sams. It was so good. Joy made a cauliflower and pea salad. Nice to have a home cooked meal for a change. (what does that tell you about my cooking lately) Bill and Joy and the girls were here for the weekend. We had such a nice visit. It made me sad to think that we won't see them more than once a year probably now that they are moving all the way across Iowa. But actually anymore we don't see them more than twice a year anyway. We went to the nursing home in the afternoon to visit with Grandma. She looked good. I don't know if she knew any of us or not, but I think she did. It wasn't as strange as I expected it to be to be at their house and not have her there. She really hasn't been there for a number of years, so I guess the lack of her physical presence was just another step.
Amy stopped over in the evening to bring her dad some Father's day cards. We missed Scott's all day by being over at Grandpa's. Both Steve and I are the kind of people who think everyday is mothers or fathers day. Why celebrate on only one day? Right?
Well it's already almost 9 and I haven't even dressed or done anything but read the paper and write my blog. I need to put my house back in order and get a few things accomplished today.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A No Weather Blog Entry

After perusing my blog entries for the month of June, I realized that it's pretty much all about the weather. Even though that it is a big issue in everyone lives and this year in particular it is on every news station, I have decided to not blog about the weather today. OOOPS. Maybe this counts already. So on to other subjects.

Yesterday was a quiet day. We took Amy and Kyra to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. Ruby's has the best salad bar. You can get mini turkey burgers and the salad bar, eat one turkey burger and some fries and still have a burger to take home. We were disappointed that they didn't have the crabcakes Amy had seen advertised but it was still very good. After that we went to Sam's Club. That place seems to be our home away from home. We are there at least once a week. We've been there twice already this week. Steve is looking at a new tv for his basement, so we have gone to check out their tvs. It's such a confusing thing. Every tv is just slightly different from the next so you really can't compare two tvs side by side. And add to that the fact that we are not impluse buyers when it comes to big purchases. It takes me years to pick out a sofa. When we were first married and had no money, we could make decisions easier. Maybe when you don't have any money, the choices are fewer so its easier. Whatever the reason, it still maybe months before we actually get a tv.

Today I have to take Haley to invention camp at 9, lunch with friends at Spezias at 11:30, go see Haley's invention finale at 2:45 and then Kyler's baseball game at 6. My kind of a day. Tomorrow we babysit all day. I may take the kids to the movie Kung Fu Panda. Bill and Joy are coming to town too so I think we'll probably take the kids over there later in the afternoon. Sunday is Fathers Day, but we don't have any plans. With Bill and Joy here we'll just play it by ear.

Well I'd better go get ready to take Haley and get a few morning chores out of the way before I play for the rest of the day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where's my summer?

Yesterday was another in a string of days of odd weather. We woke up to a thundershower and then the wind blew fiercely all day. I dodged tree branches when I took Kyra to summer singers. And it was warm and humid. If it hadn't been for the terrible wind it would have felt like a typical South Dakota summer day. About 4 o'clock another little shower rolled through. And that brought with it cool air. And less wind. Still windy but not as bad. Since it was a baseball night, we spent the night sitting out. 3 1/2 hours of sitting out chilly, shivering sitting out. Luckily I brought a coat, but as the evening progressed it still wasn't really enough. Where's my warm summer evenings where sitting at a ball game is the best entertainment around? For a number of years I have thought that the weather clock was off. It used to be bitterly cold around Christmas and we had lots of snow by then. For the last few, we've had mild Christmas's and not much snow. Winter doesn't seem to really start until January or February. Summer the last few years hasn't really started until July or August not May like before. Definitely a weird weather pattern. This spring's weather has been particularly violent. Last night a tornado hit a boy scout camp in Iowa and killed 4. Just tragic. I think I heard that there were 34 tornadoes reported last night. A record number and thats not a record anyone wants. Then there has been all the flooding in the states to the east of us. We have been very lucky. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I want just normal summer weather.

Today I need to get some stuff done. I've been on a lazy streak for about a week. I need to kick it in gear. Having Steve home hasn't helped. We tend to go on missions looking for things and that can waste a day for sure. I need to clean my kitchen and den today. But I think we're taking Amy and Kyra to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch, so I might not get as much done as I hoped. That and it's appearing to be a beautiful day so we might work outside and that would be good too. As long as I stay away from the Zuma game I'll be alright.

Well HELLO is no longer. That was such a good program. It allowed me to know if my son or daughter were online and then we could instant message or send pictures. I don't know if there will be anything out there that will be as user friendly as that was. We'll miss you hello.

Guess I'm off to get a few things accomplished.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ka Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I woke up this morning at 6:15 to the sound of raindrops and a little rumbling in the distance. Good, I'm thinking, it's been at least 2 days since it rained and things are starting to get dry. Actually that's sad but true. Anyway I laid in bed for about 5 minutes and then decided I had to get up and shut windows and get Grady out. 6:30 Grady is out under our huge tree doing what dogs do best - poopin the big one - when the sky lit up and kaboom hit all at the same time. Let me tell you, you've never seen a dog duck so low and run to the door as fast as Grady did. I so wished I had a video camera on me, it easily would have won something. Luckily Grady seems unaffected by his experience because my first thought was "oh no, he'll never poop outside again". I know I wouldn't. Not after that experience. On a serious note, that lightning must have struck really close because it was an instanteous flash and boom. I hope nobody's tree or house was struck.

I had a fun day yesterday. No blog though. The cable man came and fixed our cable and phone line. Woohoo! We have had a crackly phone for months. Now when I talk to someone it sounds like they're right there. Amazing! But back to the fun. I took Kirby and Kyler to the mall for lunch and to buy Webkinz. A year ago they had never heard of Webkinz and then I buy them for the birthdays and now it's never ending. I think the boys each have over 20 each. They have such a good time with them and Haley and Hannah bring theirs over and they play all day with them so it's all good. I don't take the boys shopping often - first they're boys and shopping isn't their favorite thing. Second for years they wouldn't go anywhere with out their mom. We took mom yesterday too, but that was more because I wanted her to come. First thing we did was have lunch. Kirby had Burger King and Kyler had Taco Johns. Kyler ordered three tacos and potato oles. He only ate 2 tacos, but still. We shopped for a while and Amy and I stopped at Caribou Coffee for a couple of tea slushie things. Yum. The boys said they were hungry again. Back to the food court we went. This time Kyler had a big pretzel and Kirby had a Subway sandwich. They're only 10 and 8. What will it be like when they're teenagers? I might need a second job to be able to afford to feed them at the mall.

Steve and I did a little shopping last night. We're on a mission to find those coiled hoses. Saw them all the time before. Now they're nowhere to be found. Though we only looked in a few places. Afterwards we stopped at Sonic for supper. We ordered the large blackberry ice tea. I think I should give up eating and just drink all these yummy ice teas all summer. Unfortunately, thats not far from the truth. They all have so many calories, that a person can't eat and drink those and not gain weight. But boy were they good.

Well off to check on Grady. He seems to be looking for trouble this morning. And from the sounds of it I think he's found it.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Blue Skies

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Unfortunately we didn't do anything. I have this shoulder thing going on lately and Saturday I must have worked it too hard, because yesterday it just ached. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. We did go and fill my car with gas and do some shopping. Wow almost $60 to fill my car. I can't imagine those people who fill every couple of days. And unfortunately the price of gas is effecting the price of everything. You can go to the store and watch the prices rise almost daily. Amy and I went to the bread store Saturday. She noticed that their specialty breads had risen almost $1. I worry about all those people who are living on the edge already. If gas gets to be $6 a gallon, I think our ecomony is going to be in big trouble. Actually I think it already is.
We went to World Market yesterday. I always forget to go to that store. Such interesting food stuffs. I was disappointed that they didn't have any dry polenta. But I did score cool plastic plates and bowls and glasses. 50% off too. They had some in green and blue - Amy's colors - I should have bought her some too. They would be the perfect summer dinnerware for her. Then we went to Michaels. They had quite a few things on sale that I wanted to stock up on. I also wanted to check on my Xyron refills. Whats up with Xyron anyway? How hard can it be to make a product and keep the refills available? Anyway I bought some yarn for dishcloths, a scrapbook frame and a whole bunch of ribbons. Then on we went to Sams. Some produce and books and pretzels for Steve. Then we went to Best Buy to check out computers. We decided that the computers at Sams were probably the best deal. So now I just need to convince Steve to take his truck and pick that and a new TV up.
Well Grady is whining at me. He went out once already, but may need to go again. I hope we get alot accomplished today. But with us it's always a crap shoot.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun shone amid some clouds of course. There was a nice breeze some of the time and the temperature was a mild 75. The only thing that kept it from being perfect were the bugs. Oh those nasty gnats. You know the ones that swarm around your head and threaten to get into your eyes, nose and mouth. Evil things I tell you. I only got one bite though and I'm not sure if it was a gnat or a mosquito. Not bad for a bug filled day. We got a lot accomplished. For us anyway. I planted my impatiens and flowers I bought at the farmers market. Steve and I started pulling weeds in the evil flower bed. Steve also trimmed tree branches.

Speaking of the farmers market. Can I say wow? In South Dakota this time of year there isn't the selection of vegetables, mostly lettuces and radishes, some rhubarb and such. But let me tell the flower selection is amazing. I brought my camera but I was overwhelmed and had things in my hands most of the time that I didn't get any pictures. There were baskets and planters with some of the best flowers I have ever seen. I told Amy I'm saving my money next year and coming here instead of wasting my time planting my own. There was a couple of pots that are still haunting me and I might have to go back next Saturday and see if they are still there. I sure I could justify the splurge. Yeah right. Have you seen the price of gas and food? We should probably all be saving every penny now if what they say is true that gas could be 6 bucks a gallon in a couple of months. We'll need those pennies just to get to work. I hate to think that all we'll be working for is food and gas.

I'm excited to have Steve off the next two weeks. If yesterday is any indication, we might actually get a few things around here done. I really want my deck in the back replaced and enlarged. We started working on the back flower bed. 2 years of neglect has really taken its toll. The weeds and grass have totally engulfed everything. But what was amazing was that almost all the perennials were still there. I was sure they would have given up. I think once we get the mulch down , I don't think we'll have that problem again. As long as every year we put down a new layer of mulch.

Today looks to be another nice day. We had a little rain shower again in the middle of the night. I woke up at 11 and it was lightning in the distance quite fiercely. I never did hear thunder very loud so I don't think the storm ever got too close. The ground was definitely wet again this morning so we must have some rain overnight. I just want it to dry up enough so I don't have to always wipe Grady's feet. Both he and I are tired of it.

On todays agenda is more of the same - working outside. But I also want to go Michaels and maybe Best Buy. Michaels was having a good sale and Best Buy had a computer I want to look at. They have a MAC I'd like to look at too, but I'm not sure I could convince Steve to spend the extra money. Not to mention that I would have problems shifting everything over I think. While I'm in the Michael's area I would like to go World Market. I bought polenta there awhile back and it was good. And it is just fun to peruse the food section there. Such interesting stuff, that I can't seem to find in my local grocery. So if we do trek across town, I don't know how much we'll get done outside today.

Wish I had a picture to put in my blog today. I had lots of photo opportunities, but alas didn't have my camera on me most of the day. I love blogs with pictures, so that is going to be one of my goals - add more pictures. Well must get the day started.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rain, Rain Take a Break

I'm beginning to think I should title this a weather blog. Yesterday was a dry day. The wind blew and things started to dry out. Steve and half the city of Sioux Falls mowed their lawns. The percentages of the chance to get rain for the weekend were only 30 t0 40 percent. Things were looking up. BUT!!! What did I wake up to about 4 or 5 this morning (maybe earlier) but the sound of rain drops hitting my windows. Another day of dog feet wiping. Believe me he's no crazier about that than I am. He sits really nice for the front feet but those backfeet are like tickling a little kid. It just makes him crazy.
I was hoping to get outside today and get some yard work done. I still have flower beds that need weeding and those 12 bags of mulch still need to be put down. I want to get some flowers for some pots and I need to buy impatiens for my birdbath area. I think I'll go buy flowers today even if I don't get them planted. It is already late to me for buying flowers and I'm sure the selection is getting limited. Steve is off for the next two weeks and it would be nice to get all the yard projects done this year. But if the weather doesn't cooperate, we have plenty of indoor things to do. I should blog a list of all the things I'd like to see get done around here. I'm just afraid if I see it in print it might be just a little overwhelming.

I babysat yesterday. It was a pretty slack day. The girls played outside for most of the afternoon and after Will woke up he went out and played too. We had a mishmash for supper which was easy and then they watched some tv. Grandpa came over and played with Will and Hannah for awhile. They had the best time covering him up with stuffed animals. They'd cover him up and then he would throw off the animals and they would laugh and laugh. Getting Will to laugh like that is such a treat. He can be quite the serious little boy. And then it was bed time. I was glad I had brought my laptop. I did some digi shopping. TLP is having a sale. Can't resist a sale. I even worked on scrapping. I just can't get into the swing of it though and I tell myself not to buy anymore stuff until I get a few things done. Of course that doesn't always work, but I have held back quite a bit. I have lots of ideas for albums, but not so many for the pages that go into them. I think I need to work with Amy for awhile. Maybe next week we could have a scrap day. I also need a day with my son and have him give me some lessons on lightroom and maybe photoshop. Both of my kids are amazingly talented.
Well I should go and make some coffee, fold a load of laundry and wait for Amy to call. She and I talked about going to the Farmers Market today. We don't get many Saturdays where we can do that.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Yesterdays weather was all anyone talked about and was all the news. The day started cool and cloudy. By noon when I picked Haley up from summer singers, the sky had darkened and started to lightning some. Since it's quite a trek from summer singers to Haley's house I was worried we were going to get caught in a downpour. Luckily we both made it home before the sky let loose. It rained all afternoon. Sometimes it came down hard and sometimes it was just a sprinkle. When Steve came home at 4:30 it had warmed up and threatened to let the sun shine. They put us in the tornado watch. We decided to go check the falls and see what the weather had done to the falls. They were amazing of course. All that water, the power. By the time we got home about 8 they issuing warnings and KELO was in their continuous coverage mode. From watching the radars I figured we wouldn't get anything but there were warnings for the northwest part of the city. I did go out on my front deck and take pictures of the clouds. I apologize that they are so dark but the sky was so dark and it made everything look like night. I wanted more of the clouds anyway. I may play around with them in Lightroom later.

Well today I need to clean up my house. I've spent the last few days reading and my house is starting to look neglected. This afternoon I go babysit until 10 or 10:30. The good news is that I don't have to babysit tomorrow. A Saturday at home. Yeah! I hope maybe I can get to the Farmers Market and breadsmith. And maybe it will be half way decent and we can get some yard work done. It'll definitely be easy to pull weeds. And believe me there are weeds.

Not much else to write about today. The weather was the main event of the day yesterday. With this spring, that's about all anyone talks about.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It's another cloudy rainy day with a chance of severe weather this afternoon. I'm sure we have had other years like this but this is becoming tiresome. Not that I want it to go from this to 90 degrees and hot and dry either. I would like just a week or so of nice and dry weather. A week or 2 where I don't have to wipe off Grady's feet every time he comes in.

We went to Kirby's game last night. It started out cloudy and cool, like its been for most of the games it seems. After about 2 innings it started to sprinkle and then it started to rain, lightly mind you but rain none the less. What is it about sports and kids sports in particular that they think they have to play no matter what the conditions are? I have sat through soccer games when it was snowing. I have sat through baseball games that felt like a hurricane. I have sat through both soccer and baseball games where it was so hot and humid that breathing was an effort. But the game must go on. I understand professionals playing in bad weather, heck they get paid to and there are advertisers to deal with. But kids sports come on. Anyway they finally did call the game. Some one had the good sense to say there was lightning or something and they ended all the games.

After taking Kyra and Haley to summer singers yesterday, I took Hannah to the mall for her day. For the kids's birthdays I've started taking them shopping as part of their present. They can pick out things they want and I get to enjoy shopping with them a win-win deal all the way around.
So yesterday Hannah and I went to the mall and started the day with Burger King for lunch. She ordered a chicken nuggets kid meal and I got a sandwich. Part way through the meal I ask her "How are your chicken nuggets?" She gave me an answer I wasn't quite expecting. " Good. Why wouldn't they be?" UH OK maybe that was a STUPID question. She said too "Well I had them before and liked them." Gotcha. Hannah is very matter of fact about things. She is probably my most serious grandchild and doesn't always get the little nuances of things. Not to say she doesn't have a sense of humor, she does. Anyway we had a good time and she scored quite a few new clothes items and a couple of webkinz and her Ivy and Beanie book. It was a good day and fun was had by all.
Today should be a relatively quiet day. I just have to pick up Haley and take her to summer singers and take Kyra home. Then go back in about an hour and take Haley home. Then the rest of the day is mine. I should pick up around here and do another load of laundry. I'm sure I'll spend some of the day reading my book. It is so good and it definitely needs finishing. It's the Kite Runner that I started months ago and put down for awhile. Next I need to read a Patricia Cornwell book I checked out from the library and then it's off to the land of Jodi Picoult.
Well I think I'll play a game of Zuma and start my day.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Watching History

Last night I watched a piece of history. History that should have been a long time ago. I watched a black man clinch the democratic nomination. And I watched a woman get more primary votes than anyone in the history of this country. Whats interesting is that this is making history. Here we are supposedly the greatest country in the world and we are just now having a man and a woman run for President and actually coming close to making it. I have never understood how someone could look at a person and make a judgement about them based on their sex or race. Oh granted we all do that to some degree. We walk down a dark street and see a couple of unkempt kids coming towards us and we become a little fearful. But for the most part shouldn't we wait and get to know a person before we judge them. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that Hillary faced more of that than Obama did. It's sad to think that we as women haven't come as far as we think we have. My hope is that they could be on the same ticket and win the election. That would be amazing.

Well enough on history. It is still cool, cloudy and rainy. I think we are going to get rain this morning. Its so nice to see everything so green and beautiful. I wish we had dug up my little garden patch and planted some things. Maybe next week while Steve is home we can get that done.

I'm taking Hannah out for lunch and shopping today. I started this last year as part of the kids birthday presents. Its fun and amazing to see what each of them picks. Tomorrow I just have to take kids to summer singers and Friday I babysit. I got used to not doing to much the last couple of weeks so this has been an adjustment for me and Grady. I have no plans for Saturday. Yeah!

I started a scrapbook page yesterday. Actually I started it a couple of days ago. Well talk about frustrating. After I spent all that time organizing when I went to use something, the file wasn't there. Sure takes the mojo out of scrapping. I'm not doing a very good job of accomplishing my scrapping goals this summer.

Think I'd better go and rob some money from my husbands wallet. Sounds worse than it is. I never have any cash it seems so I must swipe some from him. He just expects it so it's all good.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Tuesday

Well today starts Summer Singers. Kyra and Haley have both joined the last two years. This will probably be Kyra's last summer as she is turning 15 and will have summer school and summer jobs after this summer. Can I just say that I love Summer singers!! I do all the transporting for them and this is the one opportunity I have to spend some one on one time with each of them. Yes most days it's a quiet ride and not alot of talking, but it still gives me that little bit of time all alone with one of them. Now next year, Hannah will probably join and I don't know if she and Haley will go at the same time. That would be too bad as a little one on one with Hannah would be nice.

We had about 2 inches of rain last night. I slept right through it. If there was thunder or lightning I missed it. Unusual for me, but my shoulder had been aching last night and I took some Ibuprofin and Aleve, so I must have slept really well. They are talking rain off and on all week. Everything is green and pretty. The temperature has been quite nice too. Steve is on vacation next week for the next two weeks and I'm sure it will not be quite so nice. In fact on Sunday it got to 85 degrees and there was quite a bit of humidity. I don't think I'm ready for that yet either. Thats one thing about the weather in this part of the country, we are never quite satisfied with it.

I'm not sure what is on my agenda today. After hauling the girls, I think I might spend the rest of the day in my den and organizing and scrapping. I also decided to go through all my pictures on my computer and start putting the good ones in a separate folder. That way when it comes time to print I can just send that folder off to be printed. I also should go through all the old photos and put them in a box or something so I can take them to the local photo shop and have them put on a cd. And then I think I will read for awhile. I have such a stack of summer reading that I might need 2 summers to get through it all.

Well I think I'm off to the showers and start my day.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Monday

Well I tried to blog earlier this morning and blogger wouldn't respond. I wondered if it was one of the sites that was involved with the fire that shut down so many online scrapbooking stores. Whatever was the issue was it's quite frustrating to decide to do something and then you can't.

It was a beautiful weekend. Finally!!! I had Scott's kids on Saturday. It was a good time. We didn't do anything special but hungout at their house. The kids spent most of the day playing outside. The girls and I went to the library while Will was napping. That Will! He's quite the character. He has a vocabulary of a 6 year old and the sense of humor of an adult. He chose peanut butter crackers for his morning snack. He was sitting on my lap eating them and I took one. (We've shared snacks before.) But this time after I had chewed and swallowed most of it, he said "Give that back." Um, like I would if I could but you see!!!

Haley had book club on Saturday too. She and some of her classmates from school decided to do this this summer. They organized it and everything. A friend of Haley's lives only a few blocks from them so she walked over there and they had a good time. The next book they are going to read is Charlottes Web.

Speaking of books, I finished 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Wow. Not since Poisonwood Bible have I found an author that I want to read all of her books. Amy lent me Vanishing Act and I bought another one at Sams yesterday. Unfortunately at the library all of the books by her were either checked out or on hold.

Yesterday was a do nothing day. I had plans of getting alot of outside things done, but then after breakfast I had either an anxiety attack or something. We did manage to get to Sams and I stocked up on lots of fruit and veggies, but otherwise it was a quiet day.

Today I have to pick up Scotts kids at Amys and watch them until Wendy gets home. Scott is out of town doing something. It's quite the busy week for him. He has a wedding on Friday and Saturday. Thank goodness I only have the kids on Friday. As much as I love them it's nice not to have the whole weekend shot.

The boys have baseball games tonight, but I'm not sure that the weather is going to cooperate. They're talking rain and thunderstorms. In fact all week there's a chance of rain. I'm not going to complain it could already be hot and dry. I'm sure we'll have that soon enough.

Well this has gotten to be quite the lengthy post for me. Better go dust and finish the things on my to do list.