Monday, July 28, 2008

Still No Pictures

I keep hoping to take some pictures to post on my blog. Not happening! There are so many things I could take pictures of - like my great cooking skills - my knitting- my flower gardens. But you see, I'm not knitting at the present, my garden is all weeds and my cooking is hit or miss at best and even then it's hardly picture worthy. Starting August 1st ( 8 months into the year) I'm going to try to do a picture a day. And here is the scary part I'm going to put it on my blog. Taking any bets to see how successful I am at that. If it goes along with everything else on my list to accomplish this summer, I doubt if it will get past day one. But at least I have goals. Goals are a good thing right. And trust me I'm not being negative, I just know how this summer is going.
Steve and Grady are taking 4 large bags of clothing and stuff to Goodwill. It is hardly a dent in the amount of junk we have but at 4 bags a night, well, we could see success by Christmas. Ok it's not that bad, but some people might think so. Mostly my basement is what is in the worst shape. Everything that doesn't have a particular place ends up down there. If I had the house of my dreams I would have a unfinished basement that was just for storage. And it would be very organized. I think it is so easy to get unorganized in a small house, but it is so important to have some organization when space is at a premium. So I'm hoping that eventually we will get to a place where we don't have so much junk. Steve is ok with getting rid of stuff, but not too much in the help department. Though he does take it to Goodwill for me, so I really can't complain.
Well I didn't go get my license stickers today. I talked myself out of it thinking that because it is the last Monday it would probably be the busiest day, besides the last day of the month. We'll see. I can't put it off any longer. Do I get Starbucks before I go or after as a reward?
Not much going on around here lately. I took Kyra to Brandon for her theater camp. I did some laundry and actually cooked supper. Oh and don't forget the 4 bags of junk.
Steve just got home with ice cream to go with the blueberry crisp I made for supper. Yumm!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

No Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go three days without the internet and a person can go through some major withdrawal. I'm the first to admit that I am an internet junkie. If I want to know something, I just jump on the internet and find out. I want to make a recipe I can usually find it out there somewhere and it's so easy to print it out. It's so much easier than going through all my cookbooks. So when all of a sudden I didn't have internet, I was going crazy. Even after the cable guy came and spent 2 hours I still didn't have internet on my 2 computers. Steve had it on his but not on mine. We needed to get a new router. So Friday night we go out with Amy and Kyra. Cameron and the boys went with his dad to Mankato for the Vikings training camp opener, so we took Amy and Kyra shopping and out for supper. So among the things we did we bought a new router or so Steve thought. We came home and Steve goes to hook it up and it's not the right router. Damn! And of course it was too late to go that night. So Saturday we went back and FINALLY got the right one and I have internet. All is right with the world at last.
I must say this has got to be one of the most boring weekends ever. We didn't have to babysit and instead of either getting alot done or doing something fun, we just basically sat around and did nothing. It's like wasting my life away. I had initially planned on getting the laundry room cleaned out. Yesterday I just had no energy. I had been awake since 4 so I don't know if that was it or what. All I know is that this is not how to spend a weekend. Oh well there's always another day.
It has tried to rain all day today. I think the north part of the city might have had some rain and weather, but it has been mostly just cloudy here. Doesn't help my do nothing mood. It has been such a nice summer. Not too hot and rain at just the right time. It will probably be hot hot hot come time for school to start.
I have to go and stand in line tomorrow at the county treasurer's office. They changed the computer system for getting license plates and the lines have been terribly long. I hope if I go first thing in the morning I can get through in only an hour or so instead of 3 or 4 that it has been taking. I wish I had ordered them online at the beginning of the month. Since I am always off during the summer I usually go and stand in line. No big deal, it only would take 10 minutes or so. Well I guess this year I should have listened to the news and mailed or onlined them. It's too bad that my month is the month that they are trying out the new system. You can believe next year I'm going to mail them in early.
Well I should go find something to do. Though why start now I guess.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where did the pictures go?

I like when I put pictures in my blog. So why aren't there any pictures lately. Good question! Could it be that there is not much to take pictures of these days? Probably. I'm at that stage in the summer when all the birthdays and activities are pretty much over and all that is left is cleaning out closets and such. Not exactly exciting photo ops. But if one my goals is to take better pictures then maybe I should be taking pictures every day, huh! So starting today I am going to take pictures every day. Maybe they won't be blog worthy but what the heck. We'll see if I can accomplish this goal this summer.
Yesterday Steve emailed me for my blog address. I'm like huh! What in heavens name would you want with my blog. For the most part it is pretty boring. I guess he wanted to show off my video that I put in my blog the other day. Unfortunately the firewall at work wouldn't let it through.
Yesterday was a slow day. I did some housework and laundry. I still had that silly headache for most of the day so my energy level was pretty low. The headache finally went away late in the afternoon just in time to go to my hair appt. I came back from the hair appt and we ate pizza and then Amy and the boys walked over. Seems like every Tuesday they walk over. It's always Kirby's idea. I think he likes to come over and see Grady. We went outside on my front deck and watched the fireflies. I've never seen so many fireflies in and around my yard. We used to have to go out in the country to see them. Suppose it's due to urban sprawl? Who knows! When we were driving back from Minneapolis Sunday there were lots of them in the ditches too. I don't ever remember seeing them when we have come back at night before. Must be a good year for them. We have had a lot of moisture this year so that could have helped.
Today's agenda is to finish the laundry and go through my clothes in the spare bedroom. School is fast approaching and I need to get my wardrobe ready. Actually I need to clean out that closet and start over. I have so many clothes that I don't wear anymore. No sense in keeping them really. We need to work on the laundry room this weekend. It has become the overfill for all our clothes. If we don't get anything else done this summer, just doing that would be a big help. Hopefully with having a free Saturday we can both get motivated at the same time and get it done. I'm such an optimist aren't I?
Well I should go and call Glenna. I have been thinking about her alot lately and lo and behold she calls yesterday while I was at the hair dresser. She's at the lake and would like to get together today. I've missed her this summer. She was always the one who got us together in the summer and kept us connected. No one else has stepped up and done that. Maybe next summer I'll have to do it. Not exactly my forte though.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smart Boards are too smart!

I went to Smart Board training yesterday afternoon. All I can say is wow! Kids who have one in their classroom and have a teacher who is as enthused as I would be are one lucky set of kids. I likened it to an IPhone only cooler. Luckily our school has more smart boards in our classrooms than any other school in the district. We have incredible principals who are masters at writing grants. I am so excited to have a chance to use and play with this new technology. I hope the teacher I work with will also be as excited. Days like yesterday reinforce why I like what I do. Every year I wonder if it will be the year when I say foo and just be done, but then I meet the kids who are coming the next year and have opportunities like yesterday, and then I know I'm not ready to be done with school. I still get excited for the first day of school. Sure I complain. My job is an incredibly hard job, not just mentally but physically and there are days towards the end of the year that I think I can't do it anymore. But I can't imagine not doing it either.

It looks to be a beautiful day today. I haven't done anything in the house department for quite a few days. Think it might be time. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl and it's been alot of nothing lately. Time to get it back in order. I wish I had a Goodwill dumpster and a landfill dumpster out front in the drive way. I could clear this house out in no time. For now though it's one bag at a time. Luckily I don't have any major disruptions this week, so I should be able to get alot done.

On the news this morning they're talking about the rising prices of food. It's expected to raise 5% this year and another 5% next year. After a trip or two through the grocery store, I think they're going up faster than that. Milk is as expensive or more expensive than gas. 3$ for a head of cauliflower. There are so many families that are just making it. We're starting to see more gas skips at the gas stations and Steve said one guy at work had a big two ton truck. Someone siphoned all the gas out of it. I'm sure there will be more crime related to the economy as time goes on. Personally I don't see how it can get better any time soon. Prices rarely drop and nobody is giving salary increases. Tough times I'm afraid.

So much for the depressing stuff. Must get on to the really depressing stuff-housecleaning.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Monday

It's another Monday and another attempt at the dieting. You'd think I'd get depressed about this and just quit, but nooooooooooo! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Sooner or later it has to work right?
Yesterday going to Minneapolis made me remember when we were first married and living in St. Paul. I remember thinking I was fat back then. OK maybe not fat but definitely not comfortable with my body. Remember it was the days of Twiggy. Fit wasn't in but stick straight girls with no boobs or hips were the model. (Life hasn't changed much since then has it?) But here I was about 140 lbs and definitely thin by Steve's family's standards. In fact looking at pictures I was probably only a few pounds overweight even years after I had both kids. I remember when Scott was about 4 or so I was at 130-135 and I sunbathed in the backyard in a bikini. What happened to that person? She's still in there somewhere. And then about 4 or 5 years ago I lost 40 pounds. Oh how I wish I was starting from there. I'm not going to post my weight now. But I am definitely ready for a change. I'm tired of the no energy, blah feeling I have. So many things have been pointing to the fact that I just don't want to be this way anymore. Time to get off my fat ass and do something about it. Just talking about it doesn't make it happen. So hopefully from now on I'll on being posting postive dieting things and not this kind of crap anymore.
I've been thinking about scrapbooking lately and really thinking I need to scrap pictures and stories from my childhood and my kids's childhood. It has really been making me reminisce. I should use this blog to tell stories from my childhood. Unfortunately I think they could be quite long or short depending on my memory. I know Haley likes it when we talk about things that happened from my childhood. She seems to be my one grandchild who is interested in times past. So I should have some glimpses of me when I was young. I would love to have written stories from my mom. I remember some of them that she told me over the years, but to have them written down would be wonderful.
Scott just came over to borrow a lens from me. I am always so amazed how well my dog behaves in front of him. He is like a different dog. I've called Scott the dog whisperer for awhile now, because Grady just does what ever Scott asks him to do. Wish it would work that way for us. Grady seemed to do well yesterday in his crate all day. I was afraid he would be up all night but he wasn't. He did have to go outside at 2:20. He's done that alot lately. Get up at 2:20 to go outside. I don't know what would trigger him or me to wake up at exactly 2:20 each time. One of the mysteries of the universe.
Well I should head over to Amy's and take her the stuff she bought yesterday. Then I need to get some things done before I go to Roosevelt for some training.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Short Sunday Post

We just got back from Minneapolis. It was a long but fun day. We met Amy and Kyra at the Mall of America and wandered around there for awhile. Other than getting some things from Sephora and William Sonoma, I am not as much into the mall as I used to be. Maybe it was that my shoes weren't the best and I am out of practice for mega shopping. We then went to Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I so want a Whole Foods here in Sioux Falls. I like Trader Joes, but after seeing Whole Foods I think I like that one better. Anyway who drives 4 hours to browse at grocery stores. Weirdos like me I guess.
Steve and I had a good time listening to a book on CD on the way up and back. It's really nice to do that together. It's like reading the same book at the same time. We could laugh at the silly parts together. Quite nice.
So that was our day. Nice to get out of town, if only to prove that there really is no place like home.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A test

This is a test to see if I can do this. Other than it takes forever to upload I think it works.

Saturday morning thoughts

I'm just back from the Farmers Market. I didn't get as much this time because we ate so little at home this week. There is still alot of good produce left in my refrigerator. I bought cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and basil. Amy did the CSA last week, so we couldn't wait to see what she got this week. She got multi colored carrots, micro mix, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers and some other things I think. Quite fun to see each week what they put in their boxes. I might look into that next year. I do know that I must cook this coming week. This eating out so many days is just not good for the pocket book or the waist line.
Boy yesterday was as boring a day as I've ever had. I didn't do anything. I pretty much wandered from one thing to the next. Days like that prove to me that I need to be busy with outside activities. It's not like I don't have enough things here that I should be doing but if I don't have motivation I just become a slug. And not only do I become a slug, I become a nonstop eating slug. Not good. I'm recommiting again ( for about the 100th time) to dieting. Starting Monday of course. I have 3 and 1/2 weeks left before I go back to school. I would like to start down a few pounds rather than gaining a few more pounds in the next few weeks.
I think we are going to go to Minneapolis tomorrow. Just for the day. It doesn't make any sense to spend a $100 dollars worth of gas for just a few hours of shopping. But we haven't been out of town all summer and Amy really wants us to go. She and Kyra have to just hang out at the mall while Cameron and the boys go to the baseball game. They done that in the past but it's not always the most fun. So she thought if we came up we could go and do a few things together and help pass the time. Sounds good to me. I just will worry about poor Grady being in his crate all day, even if Scott comes and lets him out a few times. I could never leave my kids when they were little either. Some people don't hesitate at all, but that is just not me. It's not easy being a worrywart! Maybe in my next life I won't be such a worrywart. Probably when your mother dies unexpectly when you're 16, you learn that terrible things can happen no matter what and it sticks with you forever. I know I would like to have a more carefree attitude and trust that bad things won't happen, but I really struggle with it.
Well I have to watch Haley, Hannah and Will today. Haley has a birthday party so we'll barely see her. I don't know what I'll do for sure with the other two. I know I want to take the kids to the Pavilion yet this summer but I think I'll wait until Haley can go too. It is cloudy and drizzly this morning but hopefully it clears off and the kids can go outside and play. I hate it when all we do is veg in front of the tv. I have to remember to take my new video camera. Maybe we can make a movie.
Guess I should pretend to get something done.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Late Poster

Normally I've been posting in the morning, but today I was just plain lazy. So instead of spoiling my record of every day, I am posting tonight. I'll make it a short one since it is already way past my bed time.
I took Haley for her birthday shopping day with grandma. We had a good time. She never stopped talking the whole time. I love that about Haley. It is definitely never dull with her. We bought 3 webkinz, a couple of books and some magnetixs. No clothes! That is probably a first.
Tonight Steve's sister and brother-in-law were here from Omaha. We met them and his other sister at the Rolling Pin for supper and then went back to Grandpa's and visited. It was nice to see and talk to them again. It had been way too long.
We got rain this morning! Yeah! I can see my lawn starting to green up already. The weather guys say it might rain again tomorrow. We definitely could use an inch or two about now in the growing season.
Well that's a short recap of my day. I'll try and do better tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diet Confusion and other stupid topics

So dieting isn't exactly working out this week. I have this cold thing going and my body must believe the old "starve a fever-feed a cold" saying. All I want to do is eat or drink to make my throat feel better. Excuse me but fruit and vegetables and lean protein isn't making it. Couple that with doing anything tires me out and you have a serious dieting collapse. Now add to that my kids. Amy is doing the raw diet. She's not totally raw but enough. I can really see that that diet makes sense. Everything I've read on that is postive, but I could never convince my husband that eating only raw would be a good idea. Scott on the other hand is doing a high protein diet with protein shakes and a mostly meat diet. I know lots of people who have lost tons of weight doing that. And there is research that that is a good diet. I tend to believe that moderation is the most doable diet and plans like weight watchers are probably the best, but I am so confused. I think I'm going to stay with Weight Watchers. It allows me the most freedom. And I really believe there is no magic diet. It boils down to burning more calories than a person consumes. In my case and at my age, my metabolism is shot. I probably don't have to eat hardly anything and I can still gain weight. Exercise is where I need to work the hardest. I'm going to work on that. Usually when I exercise I eat better too. So that is where I am going to start. As soon as this cold gets better!

I was going to take Haley shopping yesterday but realized she had an orthodontist appt at 2:30. I didn't want to have to worry about the time so I decided to do it another day this week. I'll have to call her later and see if she wants to do it today or tomorrow.

We went to Sam's last night. Amy and the boys went with us. Her family is eating bananas like crazy so they wanted to come and buy bananas. I am so impressed with how well those 2 boys get along. I don't think they ever fight and there is no competiveness between them. I don't know if it is because they are so different or if it because of Amy's gentle nature. They are really a pleasure to take anywhere. All my grandkids are a pleasure to take anywhere actually. They are so well behaved.

I have the tv on in the background and they're doing a story about Nature Deficit Disorder. WHAT! They have a another disorder! Kids now days don't get enough outside time and not enough time exploring nature. Kids only spend time out in their own backyards or at playgrounds. Duh! When I was a kid we could wander all over town exploring everything. There was no fear of us getting abducted. Now we can hardly let our kids alone in their own front yards and we live in a very safe city. But it is true that kids are missing that connection with nature. Note to self! Lets take the kids to Sertoma Park one of these days. Amy and I used to take the kids there and walk the trails but we haven't done it in a couple of years. Must put that on the to do list.

I really should get a to do list. I have a number of things that I wanted to accomplish this summer. If I put them down on a list, I actually might get them done. Time is whipping by.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kachoo, Sniff, Sniff

I think I have a summer cold. Will, on Friday, had a runny nose and often sounded like he had a sore throat. Saturday, he had the snuffles a little, but didn't seem any worse. Well that is about where I am. Sunday I had a scratchy throat. Yesterday, I had the scratchy throat and my nose was a little runny. It's just an annoyance. The worst is sleeping with a dry mouth and a stuffed up nose. Today I'm about the same as yesterday. I hope this is all that I get. I have things I want to do yet.

This economy thing is getting very scary. A huge bank in California has failed. People were standing in line to get their money out. So reminiscent of the Great Depression. GM is hanging by a thread. Big companies are being bought by foreign investors. It's some pretty serious stuff. Sioux Falls is pretty insulated at the moment, but I don't know how long that will last. I think things can only get worse. It might be time to batten down the hatches and conserve.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to get my new computer set up. I think poor Amy was about to take her phone off the hook. I was trying to install Photoshop. A simple thing right? No, No! I must have installed and uninstalled that baby 3 times before I got it to work. Not to mention that I called Amy about every 5 minutes there for awhile. Vista isn't exactly the most user friendly system I guess. At least I can scrapbook(if the mood ever hits).

I need to finish cleaning my den. I had started it about a week ago. Then we bought my new computer and we had to trash the place out, or so it seemed. The problem is, it is such a small room with so much packed into it. And most of that stuff is my favorite stuff, so it's not so easy to just get rid of it. Other than that I don't have too much on the old agenda today. Just the usual stuff. It's supposed to be hot and humid today so it will be a good day to stay in and work.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Silly Blogger

Blogger must have thought that I was done because all of sudden it just posted. Oh well, I was almost done. Anyway the brain said "one cookie" but the stomach kept saying "have one more". Stomach won. It always does. Then we ordered pizza. It's back on the band wagon today.

I don't have much going on this week. I'm taking Haley for her birthday shopping trip on Tuesday, but other than that, it's a quiet week. Maybe I can get alot done. HaHa.

One Month Left

My summer vacation is going fast. One month from today, I will probably be starting all those pre-school meetings and stuff. I don't know if I'll be ready. Every spring as summer looms ahead I envision all these things that I will get done during my break. Unfortunately real life steps forward and laziness creeps in and I don't accomplish all the things I thought I would. Over the years I've learned to accept that. I don't get depressed over the fact that the basement is still a disaster. It will get done one of these days. So I didn't knit a whole wardrobe of socks or read a book a week. What I have done is enjoy my freedom immensely. I can do as much or as little as I want. Before I started working, I spent every Saturday cleaning house, it was just what you did right. I scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees every Saturday. Now I do it on my hands and knees about twice a year. Who gets down on their hands and knees and checks my floor anyway. Before I started work, I spent the whole day cleaning. The house was always clean. I disinfected toys in my spare time. I ironed all Steve's shirts and uniforms. People who only see my house now or know me now probably have a hard time imagining that I was so compulsive about my housekeeping. You see I was raised by the best. My mother's hobby was cleaning. She would paint the inside of the closets, just to freshen them up. I was well trained. This of course is why I see all that is wrong at my house-I can still spot a cobweb from quite a distance. So always on my summer to do list is to deep clean my house and clean out all the clutter. It never gets accomplished as much as I would like. With one month left I tell myself "You can still get it done". Yeah right. But every year I give it a try. This year is no different, except that maybe this year it will all get done. One can only hope anyway. After all I have a whole month left!

Yesterday, I started out the day gangbuster. I did laundry, cleaned out my refrigerator, package and froze chicken and even straightened out the freezer some. I cleaned off my desk so Steve could hook up my new computer. It has a huge 24" monitor. It is huge. I think I should have fun with that. Now I have to get all my stuff transferred over and some programs loaded. I hope it helps me find my mojo in scrapping. That has definitely been MIA this summer.

The diet took a slight vacation yesterday. I made cookies I had found in the freezer. Just one the brain said. "

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

Amy and I went to the Farmers Market yesterday. It is finally the time in SD when we start to see more variety of locally grown veggies. We have such a short growing season that we are so limited to the things we see in our markets. Yesterday was a glimpse of all the good things yet to come. I bought such beautiful things. This picture doesn't quite do it justice. At least not on my computer screen. It looked beautiful on my camera screen. I bought orange beets, orange cauliflower, and multi-colored carrots and the most gorgeous purple onion you've ever seen. I could have put them in a basket on the kitchen table and they would have been just as pretty as any bouquet of flowers. I can't wait until next week to see what is in the market then.

The girls and I went to see Kit Kittredge yesterday. Wow was that a good movie. Not one swear word (unless I've learned to just tune them out, but I don't think so) . Kit was a very good role model for all young girls too. She was strong, fair and compassionate. Just the kind of kid you want your kids or grandkids to be like. You know how sometimes a movie looks good from the trailers but once you go to see it, you realize you've seen all the best parts from watching the previews. Well this was not the case. One excellent movie! I saw a preview for a movie I want to take the boys to,too. A true story about a baseball team of kids from Puerto Rico. It looked worth going too. Of course the kids want to see Space Chimps. Not sure that one will live up to the hype, but it is sure fun to take the kids to the movies. Unfortunately it is so expensive. I may have to curtail snacks if they keep having so many movies for kids.

Poor little Will yesterday. (He'll hate this if he ever sees it in his teen years.) He had to poop, but unfortunately it wasn't an easy thing. He tried for about 4 hours. I felt like a midwife or labor coach. He'd start crying and saying he had to poop. We'd go in and sit on the toilet and nothing. After 5 to 10 minutes of sitting he'd get down and play for awhile. Towards the end he was on the toilet 5 minutes and off for only 2 before he'd start crying again. Just like labor pains. Poor guy. Finally just before 8:00 he went. I really did feel like a labor coach or midwife. I kept saying things like "push" "you can do it". I'm not sure what the answer is but I hope he outgrows this fast. It's almost as painful for those of us watching as it is for him.

Today looks like its going to be a beautiful day. To get this nice of weather in July is definitely something a person should take advantage of. Unfortunately my house is a complete disaster. It always amazes me how Steve and I can trash it so quickly. So that's my plan today: to clean and get the laundry done. Only a month before school starts so I really need to kick things in gear.

Dieting hasn't gone so well the last couple of days. Not extremely terrible but not as good as it should. Movie popcorn is not exactly on my diet list, even if it was only a small. We'll see when I get on the scale tomorrow how much damage I did.

Off to enjoy the nice morning. Maybe with a cup of coffee or tea on my new deck.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just a short post

I have to get ready to go to the farmers market soon, but I thought I jot a little down. Yes I still want that puppy. Please keep me from going to the humane society after I buy vegies. Yesterday was the worst and the best day I ever had watching the kids. Will was whiny (maybe getting sick) Haley was more Haley and Hannah was more Hannah. It seemed like I was putting out one fire after another. Actually reminded me of some of the days I had when my kids were that age. It was one of the best days because the girls and I sat in the living room after Will went to sleep and played I spy and Whats at the Mall. Then we sat around and just talked. It is so fun to get their opinions of things. Yesterday reaffirmed why I like to babysit them. When you see them all the time, you get all the good and the bad. And isn't that real life. If they were only good all the time, that wouldn't be a true picture. I watch them again today. I think we're going to see the movie Kit Kitteredge.
It is so nice out this morning. I bet it's 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday morning. Hopefully Will feels ok and we can play outside some today. That was probably some of the problem yesterday, it was just too hot and windy to be outside.
Well the dryer shut off. Must go fold clothes and get ready to go.

Friday, July 11, 2008

How to beat the summer doldrums? Go shopping!!

Last night after supper Steve and I ran out to Sam's and Walmart. I needed to restock my fruit and veggies. By the way, go early in the day if you want some things. They tend to run out of strawberries and blueberries early. Of course those were two of the things I wanted. So after picking up peppers and limes and some bananas for Amy we wandered over to the computer section, which we do frequently. I've been looking at desktop computers for some time, trying to justify buying one. So of course they have this quad core one that is pretty much what I want and it's way cheaper than the one Steve had seen in an ad. So we get it. Cool. Of course I have to wait to play with it. I need to clean off my desk to make room for it and I'm babysitting the next two days, but that's ok it'll be great fun when it's all set up. Maybe that will get me started back to scrapping. We also bought new phones while we were there. Ours have a couple that the read out is starting to fade even with new batteries so it's probably time to replace them.

After Sams we went to Walmart and I bought my Flip video camera. It''s so cool and for only $50 you just can't beat it. So now I think I'm done for awhile, until the next great thing comes along anyway. I better be done, I've bought a Wii, a computer and video camera, I think that's enough for one week. UNLESS I go to the Humane Society and pick up this guy.
He's just too cute and Grady really does need a playmate. Too bad it's not June 11th instead of July 11th. I just might really have considered it.
I woke up with a sick kind of headache this morning. Don't know what' up with that. Probably has something to do with the weather. It's supposed to be about 95 today and then only the upper 70's tomorrow. My dad always blamed things on the barometric pressure, everything from his cooking to how he was feeling. He might have been on to something.
I think it was 40 years ago today that my mother died. Isn't it terrible that I don't remember the exact date. I have it in a box somewhere, but the actual date really isn't that important anyway. Wow 40 years. I can still remember it so clearly even though the memory of my mom has faded with the years. She would have been 81 this June 27th. She was a terrific lady and I'm sure she would have made a terrific old lady. What amazes me is that I used to dread and get sad this time of year. But God in his wisdom, gave me 3 grandchildren in the month of July, so now instead of always being sad, it is one of my happiest months. I think that is why I want to spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren. I know how fragile life really is and how one day you can be here and the next you're gone. I don't take any of that time for granted or assume that tomorrow will be another day. One of these days I'll post some things I remember about my mom. And I should really to a scrapbook page or two.
Well today is day 5 of my diet. So far so good. I'm a scale jumper. I jump on that scale for any little encouragement. Unfortunately my scale is not moving as fast as I would like. In the past, the first week you usually lose the most, 3-6 pounds has been my experience. Well I had better have a good weekend or I won't make it to the 3. It has moved some but I WANT it to move faster. At least my motivation is still there, which is longer than it's been in awhile. Ok here's what I had to eat yesterday:
Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: Lean Cusine meal
Snack: blueberry smoothie
Supper: Chicken marsala and kohlrabi
Snack: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich
Definitely not enough vegetables but it was a pretty good day and the amazing part was no cravings or hunger.
Must get a few things done this morning before I head over to Scott and Wendy's. Tomorrow is the farmers market. It sounds like there will be more variety in the vegetables finally. Yeah

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shopping with Boys and other Fun Stuff

Yesterday I took Kirby and Kyler shopping. Last year I started taking the kids shopping as part of their birthday. It's just fun to spend some one on one time with them. In the case of the boys Kirby and Kyler, they always go together. And it is such fun. Yesterday we even took Amy with us. First off of course is lunch at the food court. Burger King for the boys and Subway for us girls. The boys were done eating by the time Amy and I got our food. So they were just talking and waiting for us to be done. We started talking about 9 years ago when Kyler was born. The boys asked if it was fast. Kyler has always been a low energy child, so Amy said no they had to give her something to help it go faster. Amy and I said that if Kyler had his way he would still be in there. Well you can imagine what that set off in a 9 year old and 10 year old. They had their mother pictured with Kyler's legs and arms hanging out. We laughed so hard which of course only fueled them more. I must say as gross as it sounds it wasn't; it was just plain funny. What's amazing is how much kids at that age know. I know there were very few kids when I was growing up that knew anything about child birth. We can thank tv and movies I think. Back to the shopping, we of course had to hit the Webkinz places. Amy had promised the boys a couple for their birthdays and I had too, so boy did they score in the Webkinz department. After that, it was to the software store to look at video games. Amy scored a Wii fit. I think she was way happier than the boys at this point. Then we had to go to FYE, a record store and one I forget about when I'm at the mall, but guess what? I scored a Wii. Steve and I have talked about getting one if we ever found one. He knows lots of guys his age who have one and love it and I want one for the Wii fit (if I can ever find one). I was quite happy. The boys found a video game, too. After that we went to the baseball card store. I love that with the boys I get to go to stores I would never see if it wasn't for them. And those boys are so good and so polite and so grateful. I'm really proud of the way all my grandchildren are turning out.

Last night was the last Summer Singer concert. I missed the one at Terrace Park, but I got to see 2 out of 3 so that's not too bad. It was interesting to watch Haley. She had spent the day before with her dad in Minneapolis so I think she must have been tired. She kept yawning and fidgeting. Nothing at all like the day at the courthouse concert. There she was quite the performer and singer. Even Kyra said Haley didn't sing as well as she did before. But with all her yawning I kept worrying that she would faint like her father did when he was in 2nd grade. Scarred me forever I think. Now whenever I go to a concert with kids and one starts yawning alot, I can't help but think that they're going to faint.

Well I have had 2 days straight of dieting without going off track. I wish I could figure out what makes it easier sometimes and not others. I think I'm going to start putting in my blog my food diary. Maybe it will be one more way to keep me going. What ever works.
Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs
Snack: whole grain bread with butter
Lunch: Subway
Snack: cantaloupe
Supper: Hamburger and leftover bean salsa
Not the most nutritious day but I stayed within my points and thats what counts.

I have to go get ready to take Kyra and Haley to summer singers one last time. It will be bittersweet since this is Kyra's last summer for it, but hopefully next year I'll get to take Hannah and Haley.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyler

Happy Birthday Ky! 9 years ago we were patiently awaiting you! My grandchildren were about to double. Well it's been a wonderful 9 years. You are quite the kid.
Today I'm back to summer singer's transporting. Only two more days. Yeah! Since I'm such a morning person if I don't get a good start on something in the morning it just doesn't get done. So having 3 days of no mornings, so to speak, I've not got done as much as I had hoped. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. After I drop off Haley today I'm going to pick up Amy and the boys and go shopping for Kyler's birthday. I know we'll hit the mall for lunch and maybe a couple of store there. After that I don't know where they want to go. Where ever, it's Kyler's day. He's getting kind of jipped on his birthday this year because the last summer singer concert happens tonight. So he and Kyra celebrated their birthdays together last week, well sorta. It didn't seem much like Ky's birthday then. I didn't get him anything that day waiting for today. I remember most of my birthdays were pretty quiet, quiet laid back affairs too. My mom baked an angel food cake that we had after supper. I only had a couple parties my whole childhood. I wasn't deprived though, I think that's how everyone did it back then. Now it seems people are having these big events for their kids. I think it works well both ways.
That Will is such a character. While he and I were watching tv yesterday I mentioned that he was getting a haircut today. He said, "Yeah, I'm all funky." What a cutie. Hannah and I got to spend some one on one time together yesterday as Haley and her dad drove up to Minneapolis. It was nice to just hang out with Hannah. She practiced walking with her cast and boot. It'll take her awhile to get the hang of it I think. Too bad I didn't have my video camera yet. She'd love that later.
Well guess I should go dry my hair before it gets all "funky".

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quiet Evenings Ahead

Last night was Kirby's last baseball game and quite a game it was. They hadn't won a game all season unfortunately, so they were pitted against the the 2nd best team in a one game elimination tournament. Kirby was the starting pitcher and pitched his first inning beautifully. They only scored one run. The second inning Kirby's pitching was starting to fail, he walked 3, so the coach changed pitchers. Third inning we scored 3 runs and the boys were so excited. They were doing great, holding the other team to only 2 runs. Unfortunately the other team scored 3 more runs and our guys couldn't get any further than 3rd base. So they lost 6-3. But it was one of their better games and now we have to wait until next year to see how much they improve over the year. I know I've said it before, but I am so proud of Kirby and his attitude. I hope he always feels this way about baseball, that it is the joy of the playing the game and not the winning or losing.
I have really got into the lazy days of summer. Other than Kirby's game I didn't even leave the house yesterday. I did all the laundry, dusted and vacuumed and that sort of thing, but as for anything exciting, not so much. I like lots of activity but I also like the quiet do nothing days too. But I can only take so many days of doing nothing. That's why I'm not so sure about retiring. Summer is usually long enough for me with no structure. I start to get a little stir crazy and very lazy about mid July.
I started Weight Watchers online again yesterday. I actually had a perfect day. Now lets see if I can have a whole perfect week. I need to go to the grocery store today and make sure I have good food to eat and then make sure I plan my meals and snacks out. Wish me luck. I want to find that place I was in about 4 years ago when I lost 40 lbs. It still has to be in me somewhere.
On the agenda today is grocery shopping, watching Hannah and Will for a couple of hours and working on my den. Sounds like a good day.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Wow, if I had done any less yesterday! I did absolutely nothing of any value all day. I watched a Harry Potter marathon and emptied the dishwasher. It doesn't get any lazier than that. I was even too lazy to read a book or knit. Now that is lazy. While it kind of felt good after such a busy week, the guilt of not doing something when there's lots to do is not such a good thing.
It really felt like summer yesterday for about the first time. It was hot and HUMID. So far this summer we havent had many of those kinds of days. I don't mind the heat but the humidity can stay away. Today promises rain and the ground is wet this morning. I hope it rains enough that I don't have to water. Mother Nature's drink is much better than mine.
So today I need to do laundry(it's always laundry isn't it), vacuum, dust and clean out the fridge. I hope it doesn't rain too much and we can't go to Kirby's tournament game tonight. I'm going to try and make up for being so lazy yesterday.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What the heck day is it today?

Yesterday was Sunday all day yesterday. Even though I went to the Farmer's market in the morning-which by the way only happens on SATURDAY-yesterday was definitely Sunday. All day it felt like a Sunday. That must be what happens when you have about 3 Saturdays in a row. Thursday was Haley's birthday, that felt like a Saturday because we stayed late and did fireworks. Friday was the 4th so that definitely felt like Saturday. And then yesterday was really Saturday. Hopefully this coming week isn't quite so confusing. Though it could be. Monday is Kirby's game. Tuesday, Scott and Haley have to go to Minneapolis and I watch Will and Hannah for a couple of hours. Wednesday and Thursday are the last summer singer practices. Wednesday is another concert and Kyler's birthday. Friday Scott and Wendy have a wedding and I babysit. Saturday another wedding and I watch the kids. So it won't be quite as crazy but there will be something going on all week.

My back deck is done!!!!! It even has a new table. There's still alot of landscaping things to do back there but at least we can go and sit out there and have supper out there. We christened it last night with Amy and the kids. Cameron was still stuck in Mitchell and Kirby was bummed because they had made plans with their dad so I thought it might be nice to have supper together. I made teriyaki chicken skewers and bean salsa and Amy brought potato salad. It was very nice. Even Grady acted like a well behaved dog. At least most of the time. One of the reasons I wanted a bigger deck and table is because my house is so small that it's such a pain to have everyone over to eat inside. But now with the new deck and table we can all sit around the table to eat. So bring on the summer entertaining.

When we went to Sams the other day I saw a Flip video camera. Well of course now I want one. So many times I wish I had just a little video of Will and his cuteness or Grady and his craziness. The more I thought about it the more I thought I don't need one that records hours and hours. 30 to 60 minutes would do. I could put them on my computer and then burn a dvd of them. It all makes sense to me, in my head anyway. Amy told us that Walmart has the 30 minute one for $50. Now that makes it a no brainer in my mind. I can throw that baby in my purse and go. So I think today I'm going to go get it. Impulse is good right? And someone has to keep the ecomony from going under right? There I've rationalized that.

I'm not sure what is on the agenda today. I should work outside and do a little laundry. Maybe we'll do a little shopping. Just have a normal quiet Sunday. Sounds nice.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Random Ramblings

Yesterday was about as quiet a 4th as you could get. We took Amy to Sam's in the morning. The traffic was so light. Everyone must have been out enjoying the beautiful weather on this 3 day weekend. Shopping at Target even was nice with no crowds and no lines. Steve worked some more on the deck. It should be done this weekend. Yahoo! Then we need to clean up the backyard. There's a out of control flower bed out there plus some piles of sticks and a few extra pieces of lawn furniture. Steve wants to put up some kind of retaining wall on the hill, but I don't know if he plans on getting that done this year or not. After the yard is done, on to the garage and basement. How we let so much accumulate is beyond me.

Back to yesterday. After we got back from shopping, we hung out for the afternoon until it was time to go over to Scott's and Wendy's. We had supper with them and the kids all played for awhile. Haley and Kyler and Kirby put on a couple of 4th of July plays. Short, sweet and not much dialogue, my kind of play. Then it was out to see the city display. They had said that they were spending less this year and had less fireworks, but it didn't seem that way to me. There was some really spectacular ones.

You know, we complain about our country and all the things that we think could be better, but this is one great country. I read a blog last night from a family who moved to Zimbawe. Even though they lived the lifestyle of the rich over there, the power would be shut off for hours and even days. They had to stand in line for 40 minutes for bread and another 20 minutes for milk. And that was if the store had any. I read another blog from a family who moved to China. They live in an apartment (this is standard for all apartments by the way) where it has to be a certain day before they (the apartment owners-ala state) turn on the heat or air conditioning. It doesn't matter what the temperature is. I can go to the store any time day or night and buy bread or milk and have a choice of all different kinds. If I'm chilly I walk over to my thermostat and turn it up; hot I turn on the air conditioning. I think we are so busy living our opulent lifestyle (and it is opulent by most of the world standards) that we take it for granted.

Today after going to the Farmers Market this morning, I plan on staying home the rest of the day. It seems like we've had something going on every night this week. Oh wait I think we did. Thank goodness things settle down after this next week. Not that I don't enjoy all the time spent with the grandkids, but I need to clean out some closets and get some projects done. School starts in about 4o days. Oh my!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

Today is the 4th of July. I'm not sure how we're celebrating today or even if we are. We've already had two birthday celebrations this week. But it wouldn't seem right if we didn't do something. We talked last night about getting together again. I have 2 marinated turkey tenderloins that should get cooked and I think Wendy has left over stuff from last night. A get together would seem to be the logical choice. Maybe I can even talk them into eating at their house. We still don't have a back deck or table and their house is still somewhat set up for it. We'll just have to see. Other than that it should be a quiet kind of day. Amy wants to go to Sam's so that would be good. I need to put my house back in order. Even though I was home most of the day yesterday it didn't seem like I had any time to get anything done. I emptied my dishwasher and filled it again and now I have to do that again. Funny how cooking does that.

Well I must say Haley's party was a success. She got more money than presents. A sure sign she is getting older. The girl wants to save for college and a car. Lofty goals for a 9 year old. What's nice about summer birthday parties at Scott's and Wendy's is that they invited alot of the neighbors. They have such a nice neighborhood. Kind of like it used to be in the old days in my neighborhood. Now my neighborhood has more new people and we just don't get to know them like we did before. After the food and the gift opening the fireworks came out. That is the great thing about Haley's birthday, she gets to have fireworks and we all get to enjoy them. We never had much for fireworks when our kids were small, so it always surprises me that Scott gets into them as much as he does. Maybe the lack of them when he was young is the reason. Who knows but he is like an overgrown big kid. They do all ground fireworks. And there is alot of poppers and smoke bombs. I think the kids like those the best because they can do them themselves. After it gets dark, we all grab chairs and sit in the driveway and watch and laugh as Scott sets off the fireworks. He is such a goof. He would tell us the names of them. One was named Happy. Well it pretty much was a dud. But we laughed and laughed so maybe it was named right. It got to be about 10:30 or so and we were close to being done anyway, but what should come down the street but a police car. Evidently some one had complained. The policeman was very nice and we closed down the party but it was the first time that has ever happened. When they first moved into the area there weren't too many houses and nobody cared but now that it has developed more I guess we'll have to be more courteous. I think it was probably because we had some loud ones and it was after 10. Even though our celebration is mild compared to others the law is the law. But part of me wanted to go tell that officer that we were just about done and this was for a 9 year old's birthday. Next year maybe we'll all go up and down the street asking if anyone minds if we set off some ground level fireworks. Whatever!
Well it's a beautiful morning, so I should go out and enjoy it.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Haley!

9 years old. OMG. How do those things happen? 6 grandchildren, the oldest 15 and the youngest 2. And they're all so wonderful. Amazing! Haley falls right about in the middle. Her and Kyler are only 6 days apart. But there is nothing middle of the road for them. Haley keeps us on our toes. Full of energy and oh so smart. We have her party tonight. We'll go over there and have a barbeque, open presents and then there will be fireworks. It is always a good time. This year though we may need jackets. Usually it's hot and sticky, but this year's weather is a little on the odd side. It's only supposed to be in the 70's today. 50's for lows tonight.

Yesterday was a fun day even though I was only home for a couple of hours all day. First I spent the morning hauling the girls to summer singers and hanging out at Amy's. I'm sure she'll be glad when that's over and I'm not taking up space at her house every morning. Then she, and Kyra and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. We all love their salad bar. After that a trip to the mall and Hot Topic. Kyra scored some new tops, hair things and other things to numerous to mention. Since we started late we didn't spend us much time shopping as we would have liked. We had wanted to get to Zandbroz and Barnes and Nobles. But unfortunately we had to get home and get ready for ballgames and the summer singer concert. Steve and I took Kyler and Kirby to the ballgame. Amy and Kyra's boyfriend Dan went to the concert. I had such a good time sitting with Kirby and listening to him at Kyler's game. We joked about Ky's lack of energy and Kirby said he thought that Ky just needed to poop. I hope the people around weren't listening. Kirby did say something though that made sense about Ky's lack of energy or enthusiasm or whatever you call it. He said Ky just doesn't have confidence. It was like a bell went off. Yeah I can see that. If you don't always know exactly what to do or if you can do it well, then it's just easier to not even try. That Kirby, such an insightful boy. He really is the sensitive one. I told him he should be a coach. He knows exactly what the players should be doing and he's always so positive about the players. He never blames or attacks because they didn't do something right. We talked alot about his team and how they never win. I said do you want to be on the same team next year, thinking he'd say no he'd rather be on a team that wins more. But no, he said he wanted to be on the same team. Quite the kid.

Well today I don't have to go anywhere except Haley's party. That's not exactly true. I should probably go to Walmart and pick up a card and a few things to make some salads. But I don't HAVE to go. Grady will be happy to have me home. I need to dust and pick up a little. Where does all that dust come from anyway. Housework, you should only have to do like maybe once a month.

Ok Amy how was my comma usage today.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyra

Wow 15 years! 15 years ago we were waiting for this beautiful young woman to be born. I look back and can't imagine a world without grandchildren. And I think I'm luckier than most because my grandchildren live within walking distance and they are all totally wonderful. So lets see if I can remember what was going on 15 years ago. I know I was home that day anxiously waiting for a phone call. Steve must have been home too because I remember us both going up to see her after we got the phone call. It had been cloudy all day and around noon the sun came out. Since the name Kyra means sun that was most appropriate. We had a dog named McGee and 2 cats Spooky and Dink. Scott, I don't think was dating Wendy yet. He was still in high school and totally obvilious to becoming an uncle. We were driving a white Plymouth that I can't remember the name of, but everyone had one. Great grandma Meyer hadn't started that awful journey of Alzheimers. Wow alot has changed in 15 years huh! We're on our 3rd dog. No cats. We have a total of 6 grandchildren. Just look what you started Kyra. 15 years of wonderful.

We had a great time at Kyra's and Ky's party last night. Yeah Ky's birthday is exactly a week apart from Kyra's . It was a beautiful night. Enough breeze to keep us cool and the bugs off, but not quite so much as to feel blown away. The food was great. Hamburgers and hot dogs and 2 salads I brought. I made a spinach and strawberry one I had made a long time ago. It is so good. The other one was a pasta no brainer salad. After we ate the kids, all 8 of them, went to play. They played on the swing set and then they started trying to do cartwheels. It was fun to watch the boys try them too. Even Kyra did one, which I got a nice picture of but in respect for her I won't post it. We adults just sat around and visited. Reminded me of many picnics and celebrations I had as a child. After most of the festivities were over and we were cleaning up Kirby started playing with 2 empty pop bottles. Pretty soon Grandpa is over there teaching him how to make music with water and a pop bottle. Isn't that what Grandpas are for- to teach their grandchildren all those wonderful things? And now we get to do this party thing all over again Thursday night with Haley's birthday. As crazy as this week always is I love it. Nothing better than time with family.
Yesterday Amy and I took all the kids to see Wall-e. I'm not sure what I expected but it definitely wasn't that. It was a good movie and had a good underlying message but I don't think little kids would get it. There are so many good looking movies coming out in the future. I just wish it wasn't quite so expensive. Maybe I'll just have to be more patient and wait for it to come to the cheap theater. Speaking of theaters, in the paper today they said we might get a movie theater on the east side here. Boy would that make my dreams come true. Along with a SuperTarget. Woohoo!
Today after taking the girls to Summer Singers, Amy and Kyra and I are going out for lunch and some shopping. We always have fun. Then tonight Steve and I are taking Ky to his ballgame while everyone else goes to the Summer Singer Concert. Tomorrow, Haley's Birthday. Friday is the Fourth. It's one busy week.
Well guess I can't spend all day here, not if I want to get anything done.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July already?

Happy White Rabbits Day! It always amazes me that one simple little thing a 8th grade teacher told us about is still with me all these years later. In the 40 some years it's been since I first heard about White Rabbits Day I have said it to myself on the first of the month more times than not. And even more amazing is that almost everyone I tell about White Rabbits day has never heard of it. I used to think that maybe she made it up, but then one day on the internet I came across it. I think it's more an east coast thing and maybe more of a Pennsylvannia thing too. Either way it reminds me that sometimes we think we impart wisdom to kids, but what they actually may remember is the silly things like White Rabbits Day. So if you say White Rabbits on the first day of the month you will have good luck all the rest of the month. It must work because I think I'm one of the luckiest people out there.
Yesterday Hannah got her new cast. And we got a new girl. She had been so quiet and reserved since she broke her leg. Not at all like the Hannah we know and love, but put a pretty light blue waterproof cast on her and poof, you have the old Hannah back.
Well this is the busiest week of the year for us. It's the end of baseball season, summer singers has 2 concerts and we have 3 birthdays. Then throw in the 4th of July though because so much has been going on we don't really do much, just rest up on that day. It makes this week crazier than Christmas.
Last night was Kirby's last regular season baseball game. They lost again. I still think Kirby has the best attitude. He only talks about how close they came to almost winning a couple of times or how he made a double play. He never bemoans the fact that he's on such a losing team. It makes a grandmother proud.
I made Hoison marinated pork chops and Southwestern potato salad for supper last night. The potato salad needed a little something I didn't think it had enough flavor but Steve liked it so that was good. The pork chops made up for the salad in flavor though. They're sweet with a little heat. Good stuff. I rushed to get supper ready so we could get to Kirby's game by 6 only to get a call from Amy at 5:50 asking where we were. Guess the game started at 5:30. OOPS. Considering we haven't missed any games, being late for one isn't too bad.
I am thinking about taking everyone to see Wall-E today, but Amy has to get ready for Kyra's party and with everything else going on this week may not be the week to get it in. I hope the movie is as good as it looks.
Well I should get a few things done before I have to get ready to take Kyra to summer singers. One more week. Where is my summer going?