Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Wonders

We went out to eat tonight at Red Lobster. Wonder when the last time was that we had been there. They had remodeled. It was lobster fest so of course we had to have something that has lobster in it. I don't know how people who eat out all the time do it. They give you so much food. Our seafood came on a bed of rice pilaf but we also had a baked potato and those cheddar biscuits. No wonder people are getting fat these days.

I wonder how some people get so much done in one day. Even when I stay home I don't get everything done I want to in a day.

I wonder why the practice of foot binding was done. I wonder who decided that to be a attractive woman your feet had to be as small as your big toe. I'm reading a book Snow Flower And The Secret Fan. I'm only 50 pages into it and it's already making me sick thinking about what they used to do to those poor women.

I wonder how Amy can do 3 layouts in one night and it takes me 3 nights to do one.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to stay on a diet for more than a couple of days.

I wonder if when the weather turns nice, I'll actually get out and walk.

I wonder if I can stay awake past 9 tonight.

I wonder if this is enough of I wonders.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

10 Things I did today

1. Took Kyra to school
2. Stopped at Starbucks
3. Took pictures at school (Photographers make more money than me, I need to change professions.
4. Emailed my husband from work ( first time )
5. Listened to Gordan Korman the author. He wrote his first book at age 12. I need to change professsions.
6. Talked to Amy
7. Bought cool new products from Funky Playground
8. Made a good supper of fish, asparagus and Texas toast
9. Made cinnamon struesel muffins.
10. Blogged

Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well for a Monday today went fairly well. The kids at school were quiet, not yet back to their usual selves. That always happens after a break. I started WW again. It's only 6:30 tonight, but so far I'm still in my point limit and a snack planned. I was even going to exercise after school, but my right hip, leg whatever it is that is giving me grief, wasn't up for it. I'm hoping by losing some weight that it will help that issue.

I did come home after school and put a ton of CD's on my Zune. I'm really sick of TV and my CD player in my den has been acting up. I know I could put a CD in my computer but I don't want to slow my computer down when I'm scrapping. I don't know if that would do it but just in case. Tomorrow I have to take Kyra to school by 7:00. Love doing that. I don't know if it's because I often go to Starbucks or I like driving through downtown when hardly anyone is there. I also like being at school that early even if I don't have any work to do. Being there when it's quiet is just so nice

Boy did I do some major damage digi shopping this weekend. I did find a few things that were free too.
Of course I had to buy the Lilypad's spring collection.
And my daughter's Teen Extreme Collection. And that was just the beginning. I have this need to own all the digi stuff. Sad but true.
That just one of the Teen Extreme kits. There are 3 kits for boys and 3 kits for girls.
But I could have easily gone to the mall yesterday and dropped a few hundred dollars. So I look at it as saving money. Good logic huh. The really sad part of all this is - even though I have 6 grandchildren - I look at all the layouts of kids doing just normal everyday things and I have to create play dates to do that. Oh really I'm not complaining, I like my quiet little life. I know!!! I should get a puppy. That would give those day to day pictures. Not this year though. Maybe in a couple. I have been looking at Schnauzer web sites. No shedding, small, intelligent. But my heart still really belongs to Golden Retrievers. I'm nuts.
Must go do something constructive. TTFN

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Here's another view of the snow from our deck. This was taken yesterday when the snow was still pristine. Today it is 33 degrees and the snow along the roads has become brown and yucky.

Now we can endure a couple of weeks of slop. Unless of course we have another 2 day blizzard. I was hoping that this no school would continue for a couple of more days. Oh well 2 and 1/2 more months until summer vacation.

I can tell you one thing though. We are definitely lazy people. I have become perfectly content to just sit around all day in my pajamas. I did do alot on the computer but somehow that really seems more like playing than working. And it's just sitting. Gotta get more exercise. I heard that to really lose weight you have to workout 60 to 90 minutes a day. Ok one more reason to quit my job. Tomorrow being Monday time to start the ole Monday diet thingy. I can not seem to get my act together on that. But I'm really uncomfortable in my own skin these days so something has to give.

I did another layout today. I'm hoping to develop my own style here one of these days. I'm also hoping that it won't be another 2 months before I scrap again.

Here's a the layout I did today. I finally got one to move to where I want it to. S

Steve's vacuuming. I should probably look like I'm doing something. Hey I cooked today. That should be good right!!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Phantom Blogger Returneth!

This is the view from my front deck. We have been snowed in since Thursday morning. A real true 2 day South Dakota blizzard. I have not ventured outside (minus the 2 minutes it took to take a few pictures) since Thursday morning. Can we say yeah no school for two days. A four day weekend. The wind is still blowing and it's only 15 degrees so I see no since going anywhere yet. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 20's or 30's. Tomorrow would be a good day to go somewhere.

So what does someone do for 3 days? Well they sit in front of the computer most of it. I did me some digital scrapbooking I did I did. Since yesterday morning I've done 5 layouts. Go me!! I keep saying I'm an all or nothing girl and I guess this proves it. Anyway it really is an amazing hobby. No matter what I do I can't get blogger to put a picture where I want it in my blog. I'll have to get some advice from Amy.
I just talked to Scott. He was on his way to work to clear out a little snow there. He can't seem to drive anywhere without talking on his cell phone. They have fix up house fever at their house. They bought paint for their bedroom and I'm sure that Wendy is home painting. I can have paint for weeks before it gets done around here. In fact our bedroom needs painting and I have looked at paint chips but haven't picked a color yet. I might change my mind.
I'm really liking this being home thing. Work has been awful this year, with next year not looking any better. Makes me think that early retirement might not be so bad. I'm sure I could find a job where I would only work a couple days a week. Heck a grocery clerk wouldn't be terrible. Actually a job share in a little office somewhere would be good. One with summers off. If I could just give up my summers, it would be easy to say goodbye to my job and find something else. But oh I do like my summers off.
Must get back to scrapping! TTFN!!!!