Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Phantom Blogger Returneth!

This is the view from my front deck. We have been snowed in since Thursday morning. A real true 2 day South Dakota blizzard. I have not ventured outside (minus the 2 minutes it took to take a few pictures) since Thursday morning. Can we say yeah no school for two days. A four day weekend. The wind is still blowing and it's only 15 degrees so I see no since going anywhere yet. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 20's or 30's. Tomorrow would be a good day to go somewhere.

So what does someone do for 3 days? Well they sit in front of the computer most of it. I did me some digital scrapbooking I did I did. Since yesterday morning I've done 5 layouts. Go me!! I keep saying I'm an all or nothing girl and I guess this proves it. Anyway it really is an amazing hobby. No matter what I do I can't get blogger to put a picture where I want it in my blog. I'll have to get some advice from Amy.
I just talked to Scott. He was on his way to work to clear out a little snow there. He can't seem to drive anywhere without talking on his cell phone. They have fix up house fever at their house. They bought paint for their bedroom and I'm sure that Wendy is home painting. I can have paint for weeks before it gets done around here. In fact our bedroom needs painting and I have looked at paint chips but haven't picked a color yet. I might change my mind.
I'm really liking this being home thing. Work has been awful this year, with next year not looking any better. Makes me think that early retirement might not be so bad. I'm sure I could find a job where I would only work a couple days a week. Heck a grocery clerk wouldn't be terrible. Actually a job share in a little office somewhere would be good. One with summers off. If I could just give up my summers, it would be easy to say goodbye to my job and find something else. But oh I do like my summers off.
Must get back to scrapping! TTFN!!!!

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