Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall is definitely in the air.

I can't believe that the last time I wrote was July 24. My has the weather changed. It is downright chilly today. I put socks on for the first time in months and I'm really contemplating turning on the furnace.

I spent the day cleaning house. Steve spent the day at work doing inventory. I haven't had a Saturday home alone for a long time. It was really nice in a way. My upstairs is nice and clean. I put a Yankee Tart Fall Festival on and the house smells so good. I just wish I had put some soup on. That would have made it the perfect fall day. As it is I have no supper plans, so we'll probably just order pizza.

Yesterday we were talking about the Germanfest that is taking place downtown today. I had thought that it might be nice to go. Have some brats and a beer and walk around downtown, but brrrrr!!! it doesn't even appeal to me now. Even with socks on my feet are cold. I'll bet my feet haven't been cold since March.

Speaking of socks, I'm in the mood to knit again. I have put it on the back burner all summer. I think I would like to try socks. Something challenging. I tend to get bored easily and if I've done something too many times I seem to lose steam for the project. I do have a sweater for Will I should finish before he totally outgrows it.

We had Grady neutered on Monday. We had a nice quiet puppy for a day. Now he's become brat puppy. Doctors orders were for no walks, to keep him on his leash and no jumping, etc. Well let me tell you a 5 month old puppy has a lot of energy to get rid of. If he can't use it up going on walks and running around the backyard, he's going to find someway to use it. Grady seems to think that taking things and having me try and get them back is the best way to use up his excess energy. Not fun. At least not for me.

School is going well. I think this could be a good year. The kids are good. I'm working with a good teacher. My old teacher retired last spring. So hopefully it continues.

Well I hope it isn't almost 2 months again before I post to this thing.

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