Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving vacation

5 whole days off. Of course 3 of them already spoken for, so in reality it's just a plain ole weekend. Tomorrow of course is spent cooking for Thursday. Thursday is spent with family and eating. Friday is up early and shopping. And I hope to get my new tree up and decorated on Friday too. But even with all that Thanksgiving is becoming my favorite holiday. It's just about being with family and food. There's no pressure to give the perfect gift. No unrealistic expectations, except maybe the food. ( And quite frankly if you serve what you've served for the last 30 years everyone is pretty much happy.) This year even the weather is more like Thanksgiving. No snow on the ground and above average temperatures. Perfection in my book.

I coming along with my knitting projects. Four down and 2 more to go for the grandkids. Maybe some surprises along the way for others too.

I went looking last night for electronic drumsticks. Cool idea but maybe not such a cool thing to find. I just started though. Goal for the weekend. Majority of shopping done. List of things to bake written and house decorated. Can she do it? Tune in Sunday night.

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