Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

A resolution for the new year. Blog more. Eat less. Now one does not have anything to do with the other, but if I accomplish those two things I'd be quite happy with myself.

We had a very nice Christmas. Nothing too special, just nice to get together. We had fun with Steve's brother and family. They always come with new games to play. We played Set and Quiddler and Catch Phrase 2 nights in a row. We laughed so hard at Catch Phrase. They are definitely some must have games. I'm hoping Set and Quiddler go on sale at a Christmas kiosk in the mall.

Last night we had the kids over for New Years eve. It's becoming a family tradition. We eat snacky things and play a few games and then the kids go outside and do poppers. Last year we still had streamers in our tree in July. Everyone goes home early 10:00 or so. Works well.

I did a little digi shopping today. Amy's store opened today. Had to go buy out the store there. It could become dangerous as they have ridiculously good stuff. If I knew how to get pictures of the things I bought in this blog I'd do it. Maybe another day. Hint hint Amy come over and help your old mom with that and a few other things in the computer world. I also did some scrapping yesterday. Now that Christmas is over I hope I can find a balance between knitting and scrapping. Might have to stay up later, when the bed starts calling your name at 8:00 it doesn't leave much time for getting things done.

Put the house back together today. As much as I love Christmas, this year I'm glad to have a normal house again. New furniture might have something to do with that. It looks really nice and all the furniture seems to fit well. It was a good choice to buy it at Christmas, so we would know if there was still room for a tree. That's important you know.

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