Monday, February 05, 2007

Another cold day.

All winter I was thinking I'd feel cheated if we didn't have some good ol' South Dakota winter weather. Well we've had about 5 days of bitterly cold and now I'm thinking maybe I wouldn't have felt cheated after all. Really even though it's plenty cold I think it could and has been alot worse. We really haven't had much wind with this cold so it's tolerable. Hard to believe a month and a half ago it was Christmas and I don't think I was even wearing a coat most days. In another month and a half it will be toward the end of March and we'll be thinking spring. I'm not sure I have all my spring and summer clothes put away. Time really does fly when you get older.

For a Monday today went really well. Sometimes I think it all has to do with me and my attitude rather than all the things happening around me. Duh! The teachers at school in our Cluster program are getting stressed over the Dakota Step tests. The hoops that they have to go through to test whether our kids are proficient is unbelievable. And the time lost out of the classroom surely will lead to more kids not being proficient. Those who make these rules never come out and see whether they are actually practical and if its worth all the effort. They sit in their offices in some capitol somewhere and decide what will or won't work. It should be required that all policy makers should have to go into the field and implement those policies on a regular basis. Oh well so much for my soap box. But it is frustrating.

I cooked again. I made chicken tenders. They were quite good and really simple. I got the idea from tv this weekend. First you roll the chicken tenders in mustard and then in seasoned bread crumbs. Bake until done. Easy peasy and good. By the way who started that easy peasy thing anyway.

I've also done 3 layouts in the last day and a half. I did one of Sam tonight. Tears through the whole thing, but it was good to do one. I'm really in search of some good vintage elements. I have so many old pictures that I would like to do something with but I want the elements to fit with the picture. So many are elements from now made to look older or they are old things that aren't fitting with the style that I'm looking for. Someday I'll find something. I tried talking Amy into designing something for me, but it's not really her style. Too bad.

I need to take more pictures. I like blogs that have pictures in them. Note to self. Do something exciting so there's some pictures. No we're not buying a puppy just so I have something to take pictures of. But don't think that hasn't crossed my mind.

Goodnight all!!!!

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