Sunday, February 04, 2007

Long lost blogging!!!

Will I ever get to everyday blogging? Hard to tell. I think about it just about everyday but don't seem to get to it.

Well one of the reasons I haven't blogged is because it's very sad at our house. We had to put our dog Sam down last week. He had cancer. He seemed fine at Christmas but shortly after I noticed he was drinking more than usual. Pretty soon he was drinking all the time and drinking so much that he would vomit. We took him in thinking he might have diabetes. Not uncommon for a dog his age. They ran all sorts of tests and finally did some xrays and found a mass between his heart and his lungs. It progressed really fast and we just didn't want him to suffer, so last Thursday Steve took him in. It has been extremely hard. I should have known it would be bad since it's just been the three of us in the house the last almost 9 years. It is the first time Steve and I are truly empty nesters.

On to some brighter topics. I had a very productive weekend. I got up early Saturday and cleaned and then proceeded to make two batches of soup and some muffins. Today I made another batch of soup and a casserole. We took over three containers of soup and half of the casserole over to Steve's folks. I've been meaning to do that all fall and winter and this is now the first that it happened. The soups I made were a beef and barley, Rachael Ray's double chicken stoup and Bree's tomato lentil. I may be the only one who likes the tomato lentil one. The casserole was a chicken tetrazzine. So now I have some meals for the week and Steve's dad won't have to cook much either.

I even scrapbooked some. I've buying all these cool digi scrapping things and thought maybe I should use some before I convince myself I need to buy more. My daughter and her new store could put a dent in my budget. Like I told Steve though, it's cheaper than going to the mall, which I used to do about every other weekend.

It was really cold this weekend. Down in the 1o below zero range. We're just not used to that. It's been a very mild winter until now. The weather people said it's the coldest it's been in about 10 years. Yeah global warming.

Well it's half time of the super bowl. Should watch a little of the half time show.

Goodnight all!!!

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