Sunday, July 01, 2007

Good Sunday Morning Trouble Dog

Back again so soon. Twice in one week. Whoa!!

It is such a beautiful morning. We have had the most amazing summer weather. Most days are warm and the evenings and mornings are just delightful. Today and tomorrow they are promising to bring back the heat and humidity but by the middle of the week it should be milder again.

Grady is really a very good puppy, but he is most definitely a puppy. His favorite thing to do in the morning is to go into our closet and take Steve's shoes out to the living room. He then tosses them all around and chews on them. We've yet to see a tooth mark on any though. Yesterday morning he had five shoes out. It's really quite cute but needs to stop before he starts that puppy teething. His other favorite thing is chewing on baskets. I have quite a few baskets around. I put magazines in them, yarn, dog toys, potatoes, whatever. Quite handy little things until you have a puppy. I now have baskets up on top of TV's, chairs whatever. One basket in particular that's in my den is his favorite. He's chewed off most of the handle. (It was broke anyway.) It's full of magazines and not that easy to move so I bought some bitter spray. This morning I'm in here playing on the computer and he starts chewing on the basket. Ah ha I remember I have that bitter spray. I come back with the spray and start spraying the basket and the magazines in it. He goes nuts. He really wants that basket now. I'm like "wait until you taste it dude." I put that basket down and sure enought he goes over to it. But instead of backing away he starts licking it all over. Stupid dog likes the taste of bitter spray. Wouldn't you know. Allergic to his shots and likes bitter spray. I really know how to pick them.

I spent all day over at Scott's yesterday. It was a good day. The girls played really well and Will was very good. Kyra came over later to watch the kids after Will went to bed. She brought a bunch of things from her room. She's been cleaning. They had a makeover. We have next weekend off. Yeah. Hopefully we can get more things accomplished.

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