Saturday, July 07, 2007


I figured out how to change the banner on my blog. All by myself, I might add. Of course I used a premade banner from Shabby Princess but hey a girl has to start somewhere.
Well summer is more than half over. Time to get serious about all the things I wanted to get accomplished. Check - lose weight nope! Check - cook more Nope again. Check - read more books - I'm reading one now does that count. Check - have fun and be lazy. O yeah I've got that one down. Starting Monday it's the new and improved me. Going to get real serious about the losing weight. I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself. You know that feeling when even your skin doesn't fit right and your own bumps and bulges are getting in the way. I really know how those 600 lb people get that way. You can easily get to a point where the only thing that is easy to do is just to sit and eat. Everything else takes too much energy. My biggest challenge is going to be exercising. I seem to have developed a hip issue that really bothers me if I over do it. I know that losing weight will help that, but its hard to want to exercise if you know its going to hurt later. Hopefully Monday, Amy and I will get out and walk around the school again and Steve and Grady and I will get out again in the evening and walk around our block. It's a fair sized block and its uphill half of the way. My goal this weekend is to layout out my menus and buy groceries.

That's enough about that. It's been a fun week. Kyra and Haley's birthdays, a quiet 4th of July and lunch at the mall with Amy and the kids. Kyler's birthday is Monday. Summer singer has its last week of practice and it's last concert. I have a hair cut on Thursday. After that I have some relatively quiet weeks. Hopefully I can get some projects done. I've really been in a groove with scrapbooking this week. I hope it continues, but allows me to get other things done too. I tend to be an all or nothing girl.

Grady has been a little terror this week. He is starting to get into things. He chewed up 2 CD's. He loves books and papers. We really didn't puppy proof the house. Silly us!!! Over all though, he's a good puppy. He's very smart and seems to catch on quickly. He knows our schedule. Every morning while Steve is getting ready for work. Grady and I lay on the bed and talk to him while he's dressing. So today at 7 something Grady starts barking at the bed. Excuse me dog but it's Saturday. He also thinks Steve should get at 7 every day. Bark, bark bark. Grady could be a good thing for us, as sleeping in can't be good.

Well must get ready for the day. Kirby has a ball game at 9. I'd love to see his team win this mini tournament but that would mean playing all day. It's supposed to be 90 some degrees. Yuck.

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