Monday, October 01, 2007


Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day. Too bad it's already the first of October. Somehow I think Christmas will just sneak up on us this year. It was 75 degrees today with crystal clear blue skies. Not much wind, which considering this weekend is absolutely amazing. We went to KMart tonight and it looks like it is clouding up a little. That's fall though one nice day, one not so nice day. Eventually the not so nice days take over.

I'm in the mood for fall. Fall decorations, fall food, fall clothing etc. I love fall. It always has been my favorite season. Back to school, cool evenings, sweaters and all that. I loved it since I was a kid. I don't even mind that winter comes after. I don't mind winter all that much it just gets so long. I should probably live in Denver where they have winter but it isn't as severe as ours.

Not much is going on around here. Grady is still in his terrible whatevers. He is a counter surfing fool. Nothing is safe anymore. He doesn't even wait until I'm out of sight. Tonight I made french dip sandwiches. I sliced the foccacias and was getting the roast beef ready. I was right there (my kitchen isn't very big) and within a split second he grabbed one of the foccacias and was going to snarf it down. Oh no I thought, you're not going to have a morsel of this. I grabbed him and fished my hand down his throat and retrieve my foccacia. Of course it was inedible at this point but he didn't get to enjoy it at least. I just hope he lives long enought to enjoy his old age.

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