Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello again

Another ordinary day in an ordinary life. I took Kyra to Special Edition this morning. I love doing that. It seems like a weird thing to have to leave home 40 minutes earlier than usual and actually look forward to it, but I do. First off I get to spend some time with just Kyra. Second I usually go to Starbucks, so that's a treat in itself. And thirdly I get to see some of the most amazing things. Like the sunrise this morning. Even if I had stopped and tried to take a picture it wouldn't have done it justice. Absolutely breathtaking the way it broke through the clouds and shone through the parking ramps downtown. Definitely one of those never to be repeated moments. By the time it took me to go about 8 blocks the clouds were coming in and obscuring the view. You had to be up and out early this morning or you'd never know what you missed.
I haven't knitted in about 5 days. I'm not exactly sure why, except that I haven't had the urge. I need to get back to it though.
Otherwise this was just an ordinary day in an ordinary life. Just the way I like it.
Good night all.

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