Sunday, September 24, 2006

Once a week blogging!!!

Once a week blogging. Better than nothing I guess. I need blogger motivation. A new template huh Amy. Fall pictures to post. Layouts maybe. I know I need to be a stay at home grandmother. I could start a new trend. Be there with cookies and milk after school. Haul to practices and such. Volunteer at their schools. Unfortunately I like to spend money and buy things I think I need, so working is what I'll do. It does get more tempting every year to say hello retirement.

Where did my weekend go? Yesterday Amy, Kyra and I spent the day hanging out. Starbucks and shopping. We didn't even spend too much money. I can't believe all the Christmas things out already. Tomorrow is the 25th, so that means there is only 3 months until the big day. Why do I feel like I'm already behind schedule? Why do we succumb to the pressure anyway?

Today I spent all day on the computer. I'm making a mini album for Wendy for her birthday. I used Shabby Princess Olivia album kit. For procrastinators like myself it's great to be able to do 12 quick layouts in a day. I spent some money digi shopping too. I bought some new things from Shabby Princess and Gina Millers new things today. I'm such a sucker for all these cute things and they seem so cheap. I'm sure when the credit card bill comes I'll think differently. O well, that's why I work, remember.

Here's a couple of the layouts. I hope Wendy likes them. I do but then anything with my grandkids in it warms my heart.

Desperate Housewives is going to start in a few minutes. Have to see if it's going to be worth watching this season. I hope to stay awake long enough to see the next show with Sally Fields. It looks good too. Night all!!

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