Monday, September 18, 2006

Wow 2 days in a row. I don't have much to blog about tonight. Just a typical day in the neighborhood. I put a Marie Callendar meal in the crockpot this morning so it was nice to come home to the aroma of supper already cooking. I've been in the mood to bake so I went to the store and bought some ingredients to make a few things. I made pumpkin muffins tonight. They're quite good, not low calorie at all, so hence very good. Maybe I'll post the recipe tomorrow. I also bought ingredients to make brownies with caramel frosting. I ran out steam tonight so I hope I can bake those tomorrow after school.

Do you ever have one of those times when you think maybe the stars aren't aligned right in your galaxy? When school started a student stomped my right big toe and bent the toenail way back. Major pain. Then a couple weeks ago while cooking I cut my finger fairly deeply. Went through a half a box of bandaids. Well tonight, sitting at the kitchen table in my barefeet of course. I turn and go to push my chair back and whack! I hit my left big toe on the table leg. Double major pain. I don't think I broke it, but it still is letting me know I have a toe. Klutz, Klutz!!

I was going to scrapbook some tonight but it's getting late and I want to watch CSI Miami. Maybe tomorrow.

And remember - Really important stuff my kids taught me quote of the day: Making your bed is a waste of time.

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