Monday, January 15, 2007

Whatever happened to regularly scheduled posts?

I had such good intentions. Oh well, last year at this time I wasn't journaling at all. So really this is still an improvement. Not much exciting since last Monday. School was much better than I expected. Sometimes that full week back goes so slow. Kids were good and the much needed break from the coworkers helped. My dog is still sick. He's peeing up a storm and drinking all the time. He also seems to think that his dog food isn't any good anymore. He'll eat canned food and the hamburger rice mixture I make him. The vet was supposed to call today with the blood results, but Steve and I realized that with the holiday, they probably won't get the results back until tomorrow. Other than worrying about him making it all day without a bathroom break, he seems fine.

I scrapped today. I posted 3 layouts at DST even. And I commented on a couple of layouts that I liked that didn't have any comments. Whoa! Look at me go.

We finally got some snow. Steve got to play with his snowblower. Did I take pictures? No!!! It was too freaking cold to go out there and take pictures. Really it is very cold.

Back to last week. Kyra made the play at school. She's just in the general cast but it's soo cool that I'll get to take her to more early morning practices. It makes my day and often gives me an excuse to go to Starbucks. Last Sunday we took Amy and Cameron to Royal Fork for supper. Saturday we took Scott and Wendy. Seriously the grandkids are going to think supper at Grandma's means Royal Fork. We went over to Steve's folks yesterday. Grandma seem to have a good day. She talked to me. Grandpa said he had some health issues. Scares me to think about if something should happen to him. His kids really need to sit down with him and talk about some things.

I have to sit through an all day inservice tomorrow. What fun!!! At least it's closer to home than some of them have been and they're providing lunch. At least we won't have to go out in the cold. But since everyone else lives on the other side of town, I'll have to drive there by myself. Whine Whine!!

Well, I really haven't done much in the housework department this week. I should probably dust and vacuum. Then a nice hot bowl of chili sounds good.

Goodnight all!!

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