Thursday, January 04, 2007


That's my word for the year. I bought this black word SIMPLIFY at Hobby Lobby a while back. It is sitting on my piano now. Amy told me about Ali Edwards having a word for the year. I thought what a cool idea. At first I thought balance, I definitely need to balance things. I tend to be a all or nothing person. Then as I was looking at my newly reorganized pantry I thought simplify. Do I really need six different shapes of pasta? No it really needs to be simpler than that. SIMPLIFY!!! When I want to knit something, I don't need to buy 26 different yarns. Pick a project, get the yarn and do it. SIMPLIFY. When I want to scrapbook, I don't need to buy 26 new digi kits, pick one of the many I have, a picture and do it. SIMPLIFY. When I want to cook supper, it doesn't have to be a gourmet meal, a simple meal would be just fine. SIMPLIFY. How many clothes do I need? Pick 10 or so outfits and definitely find ones that are flattering and get rid of the rest. SIMPLIFY. It sure sound good on paper. Just the fact that Steve and I are cleaning out the closets in the basement is a good start.

Well Kyra got braces today. Two years of metal ones and three more years of the invisiline ones. That will make her 18 when she's done. That just can't be possible. In 5 short years she'll be 18. How can that be, my little Kyra girl!!! It wasn't that long ago that I was 18. OK maybe it was a few years back.

Kyler has strep. Poor guy. He wasn't feeling to well yesterday. Amy took him into Acute Care last night. 102.9 was his temp and his throat looked nasty. The quick culture came back negative, but they always seem to anyway. The put him on antibiotics. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be feeling better. We want to go to Charlotte's Web.

I actually cooked supper tonight. Skinny turkey spinach meatloaf, roasted potatoes and baked squash. It tasted so good. Finally a home cooked meal. The meatloaf came from Cooking Light and was actually very good.

Well I've actually blogged everyday so far. Now if I can just add some pictures for interest I'd be doing good.

Think I'll go knit a little tonight. Goodnight all!

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