Sunday, June 04, 2006

A baby is a bit of stardust fallen from the hand of God. Author Unknown

Will's baptism day. The picture is of my son and his son Will. It was a very nice ceremony. Their church is such a friendly, nice group, makes me want to join. My daughter-in-laws mom and dad and my son's family all went out for brunch afterward with us. As we were sitting there and visiting and just enjoying the kids and all, I thought how nice it is that we all like each other. I truly like my daughter in laws parents and I think they like us. What a blessing that is for our grandchildren. I know many people who tolerate their children's in-laws but don't spend any time together. We share the grandkids birthday parties, we have the holidays worked out. It's win win for all.

Remember when I said if I said anything to my husband about his outfit yesterday he would come out today in black socks and sandals. Well lo and behold I didn't even say anything and here he comes from after church with black socks and sandals. I couldn't contain myself, I had to tell him what I wrote yesteray. We both laughed and I said he was fine and could wear whatever he wanted. But no, evidently he does care about style, because later he came out with no socks, just sandals on his feet. I really wanted to take a before and after picture of him, but I figured he's been pretty tolerant of me and my new obsession ( digital scrapping) I probably shouldn't push my luck.

I think I want an IPod. I have myself all convinced that it's what every 54 year old woman should have. Of course then I get into a store and can't quite convince myself and that stylin' man of mine that I should spend that kind of money. OK I tell myself I'll go home and do some research on MP3 players. Now I'm really confused. Maybe IPods are beyond the comprehension of a 54 year old woman.

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