Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Recap

Christmas was wonderful, weird, funky and a bit sad. I'm not sure how else to describe it. First and foremost it was wonderful. It always is in my book. Christmas couldn't be bad no matter what, because Christmas is in the heart. So no matter what any of the other variables are, if Christmas is in your heart nothing else is important. I love every aspect of Christmas.

So this years Christmas was great. We all sit in my uber tiny living room like a full can of sardines. We laugh, we eat, we open presents, and then we laugh some more. Just fun stuff. This year Kyra added to the hilarity. She bought her uncle Scott underwear. Not just any underwear, but underwear with words and a zombie printed on the butt. Too funny. (on a side note he wore them later at the great grandparents and displayed them for her). Christmas was weird and funky because I didn't label the kids presents and then forgot which paper was Kylers and Haley's. And the presents I gave this year were not the best. I'm not sure why. Maybe they'll be better next year. The bittersweet aspect of Christmas this year was at the great grandparents. It was so evident this year that Grandma won't be there next year. Her alzheimers is getting to the point that I think she'll be in a nursing home next year. It makes me nostalgic for the old days and grateful for one more year to be together. I think once we can't go to their house anymore, we won't be able to get together as easily.

Mother nature cooperated beautifully this year. We had 4.9 inches of fluffy white snow. It came down so nice and gently all day. It was absolutely gorgeous. Of course we didn't have to drive any further than across town. I took this picture today. It really was a Currier and Ives scene.

I'm experiencing a little of that Christmas letdown this year. I have the urge to take down all the decorations and return things to normal. But I'll resist. I know I'll be sad if I do. I hate when everything returns to normal and those blah and gray January days take over.

Scott brought the kids over today to go sledding on the hill across the street. We let Grady go over and sled with them. What a riot! But how cool is it that you can take your kids to the same hill you went to all the time. And that hill is just across the street from Grandma and Grandpa. When I think I want a bigger house, I need to remember these small details. Maybe they're not so small.

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