Thursday, December 27, 2007

Living in a Winter Wonderland

I just thought yesterday was beautiful. Today we still had all the snow on the trees, but we had some fog too. The fog made the trees even more wintery and then the snow was like someone had put cotton balls all over the trees. It was totally gorgeous. Of course I didn't take any pictures. And it wasn't even extremely cold. I don't mind the snow so much but I hate the bitterly cold.

I did two layouts today. I finally have the pictures and the time. It was nice to do it. I forget how much I like doing it. And when I don't worry too much about it I can actually crank them out pretty quickly. I loved this picture of Will and Hannah. I'm not sure this is the final layout. I want it to be special just like the picture.
Other then being on the computer it has been a couple of lazy days. I had visions of really deep cleaning out the spare bedroom. Unfortunately the after Christmas doldrums have hit. Still have a few days for some spark to strike me. Steve and I went and looked for dressers for that room. I would like a nice one (but not too expensive), so I can put my seasonal clothes in it and even have some room for toys. We found one but I think I'll wait awhile. I would like all my clothes purging done first.
The Christmas tree is still up. I almost caved and had Steve bring up the boxes. Tomorrow we babysit, but Saturday I think it's going. Why does the tree always look fine until the day after Christmas and then it starts to look disheveled and tired? Mine is even an artificial one. One of the major mysteries of life.
We've had two tragic car accidents in the area this week. One was a young father. He and his wife and 10 month old baby were heading to Huron for Christmas. No seatbelt. Just sad. The other one was last night. An eight year old was killed in a two car collision. An unbearable tragedy for some family. So heartbreaking at this time of year. These should be reminders to us all the appreciate what we have each and every day. Give everyone an extra hug today.

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