Friday, December 28, 2007

Another day in Wonderland

Man I wish I had taken pictures today. Just when you think it can't get any prettier it does. We had another inch or so of snow today. With absolutely no wind outside the snow stays on the trees and makes for a magnificent landscape.

We had to babysit for Scott's kids today. It was a short day so that was nice. It's also nice that Will is almost two and not near as needy. I love that he talks, even if sometimes I don't catch what he is saying. Summer should be fun with him and the girls. The girls always come up with games for Grandma to play. Mind you these are not your usual games, like Monopoly or Sorry. No siree. We have to have a Princess Party and I had to graduate from Haley's school for the Creative Mind. I laughed so hard at the Princess Party. Haley made Hannah a bra out of paper. Hannah was Ariel mind you. Hannah being the ham she is kept saying "my bra, my bra" and doing this weird dance. You had to be there.
My Christmas tree is coming down tomorrow. Grady has rediscovered it and the ornaments are now new chewing toys. So before anymore are chewed, the tree is coming down. And all the decorations around the house. I will probably leave my village out for a little longer, but I'm even ready for that to be gone. This is definitely a first for me.
I have just been a scrapping fool these past couple of days. I could do one layout after another if I didn't have other things to do. I came up with an idea that I'd like to work on for the coming year. A book about the great grandparents for my grandchildren. They will know so little about them, that I thought this might be a fun idea. Kind of keep the family history alive, kind of thing.
Well even though today wasn't too tough. I'm tired and ready for bed. Hard to believe I've been off from school for a week now. 5 days left of vacation. yucko

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