Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is Spring

Last Saturday we sat at Hannah's soccer game with no coats and enjoyed a beautiful day. Today, soccer has been cancelled and there is snow on the ground. Such is life on the praire. We were quite fortunate in that we only had 3 inches of snow. Other places not that far from here had a foot of the white stuff. Can we finally get on with the nice weather? I don't want to go from snow and cold straight to 90 degrees and humidity.

Well there is only 3 weeks of school left. Life gets crazy this time of year. With concerts and ball games and swimming lessons and any number of other events, we grandparents get called into service alot. I for one love it. I think maybe I should have had a dozen kids because I like going to all that stuff. I get bored and lazy sitting around too much. This week we have Kyra's chorus concert, the boys ball practices, Hannah's soccer games and swimming lessons. Throw in a hair appointment and the fact that Scott is out of town, and well lets just say parents who have a ton of kids and no grandparents near by must have to learn to outsource.

We took Scott and family to Valentinos for lunch today. Not exactly the best food but the company was good. After we got home from that I took Amy and Kyra shopping. It was a very enjoyable trip. Kyra was in a good mood and we bought her quite a few new things for spring. Amy even got a couple of new tops. I had bought a fair share of stuff for myself a few days ago, so I really don't need anything. That and I hope to lose some weight here one of these days.

I had the nicest phone conversations this week. Thursday I called to talk to Amy and of course she was at swimming lessons with the boys. Kyra and I talked for quite awhile. Unusual for Kyra as she usually just hands the phone to her mom when I call. We have nice conversations in the car but not on the phone. The other one was Will today. Scott called and Will wanted to talk to Gramma. I think I had the best 2 year old conversation ever. He told me all about what he had done. Playing with Hannah. Hit ball. Run, run, run. He even asked me to come over. He's quite the kid.

I did some scrapping shopping today too. Next weekend starts the scrapbooking day sales, but of course I couldn't wait. I don't have any need for new stuff, but it's all so pretty and I have such grand ideas of pages to scrap and projects to do. Well you know how it goes. Summer is coming so there is hope that I will get alot of it done.

Must go watch Harry Potter. I can watch them over and over, just like MASH reruns.

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