Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wow its the 19th of April and I haven't blogged all month. Looking back at 2008 entries it looks like I blog 5 times a month. Well to get 5 in this month, I'd better hop to it. This summer I'm going to try to make a habit of this blogging thing. They say 3 weeks to make a habit, but I think I'm a slow learner. Maybe 3 months will do it.
Another reason I want to blog more is because I need to diet and maybe writing in my blog about how I'm doing everyday and posting recipes that I try, might make dieting and blogging fun for me. I know I need to find my incentive for both.
Will's birthday was yesterday. He turned 2. What a sweet little boy he has become! He opened his presents like an old pro and said thank you many times after he opened them. He was only overwhelmed at the beginning when his other grandparents came. I think the realization that this was all for him came to him then. He got over it fast though and the rest of the evening was a joy. It is so nice that Wendy invites all of us for the parties. She wouldn't have to invite Steve's sister and husband or Great grandpa but she does and I think it makes for wonderful memories for the kids. Not to mention that I'm sure Lori and Cliff enjoy it immensely.
Life has been quiet as usual here. It should pick up now that the weather has turned nice. Hannah has a soccer game this afternoon, Kyra's concerts are the next 2 Mondays and the boys have started baseball practice. I can't wait to start sitting and watching them play baseball. One of the best things about summer. Speaking of summer, 20 school days left until vacation. I for one am definitely ready.

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