Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why are weekends so short?

Just when I get the everything done that I had to do for the weekend. Poof, it's over. No time for just fun. Well that's not true. I had fun this weekend too. Kyra, Amy and I went shopping yesterday. Kyra told me on Friday that she thought she was the only one at school still wearing jeans and not capris and shorts. I knew she was stretching it, but she did need new spring things. Hey doesn't every girl. She did pretty well and we even convinced to her get some sleeveless tops. How do we make girls so self conscience at this age? Even overweight girls have beautiful skin and shoulders. Wait until you hit my age and realize what no exercise and dieting has done to your arms.
Speaking of dieting. Can we say ready!!! I am so uncomfortable in my skin. I am going back to doing Weight Watchers online. I bought things to eat and even a pair of shorts to work out in. Now if I can just get past Monday noon I may stand a chance. One day at a time they say, well I say one meal at a time. When I lost 40 lbs a few years ago, I just started one day and never looked back. Not sure that I was motivated but something kept me going that first week and then when I got on the scale and had lost 6 lbs, that was all it took. So that is my mantra this time, just start and keep plugging away. Maybe if the weather gets a little nicer I can talk myself into walking again. If not, then I am ready to exercise in the house for awhile.
Scott is in Fargo for a few days for a photography thing. It feels weird to have him out of town. I wonder what it would be like to have all your children living far away. I'm not sure I could handle that.
Amy and I went to the grocery store this afternoon. I must say that I haven't been there for probably close to a month. We buy alot of food at Sams and eat out too much. Anyway, whoa, have the prices gone up. I don't know how some familys are going to do it. I'm thinking of baking bread this summer and we don't drink milk, but the fresh fruit and vegetables are out of sight. I'll be taking out my flowers and planting vegetables I think. I think the farmers market is going to be spendy too. Glad we don't have a family to feed and can still buy what we want. But even we should cut back. Gas is 3.50 a gallon and cauliflower was 4 dollars a head. Crazy. We'll all be on a diet whether we want to or not.
Well enough rambling for one night.

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