Friday, October 17, 2008

I want summer back!

I had today off because of a middle school conference. Grade school and high school still had school today just us lucky middle schoolers were off. It just made me long for summer vacation. This was the first day off I've had where really nobody else was off. Steve was at work and there was no where I had to be at any particular time. Made me long for those summer days that were carefree. I did accomplish a few things like pay bills and transfer my summer clothes into storage and bring out some of my winterish clothes. I wonder what it would be like to have enough closet space that I wouldn't have to put half my wardrobe away every season. I digress. I realized this week with the cooler temperatures that my last years fall clothes look pretty tacky. In my job with wiping dirty faces and noses and other sundry body parts my clothes take a real beating. So Amy and Will and I hit the mall to find some new tops and things. All I really wanted was some crew neck long sleeve tee shirts. I have lots of jackets and vests that still work but shirts to go underneath are what really get abused during the course of the year. It would seem that that would be an easy undertaking, right? Well maybe it would be if I was a size 6 but in my size everything seems to be mock turtle necks. YUCK! I'm not ready for that yet! I might not be ready for those even in January. I did buy a few things to update my wardrobe but I probably would have saved money if they would have had crew neck shirts. The best part of today was taking Will with us. That's what made me miss summer. He is just a hoot. The things he comes up with and says like "I don't want Coldstone I want Warmstone!" they just make me laugh. I say this everytime but I so wish I could just turn him on slo mo so he doesn't grow up too fast.
I also realized by looking back on my blog that I'm not doing a very good job of updating it. Another reason I want summer back. I had more to write about. I can't really write about work with confidentiality and all and the rest of my life is rather mundane. Or at least not much is blog worthy. So I sit down to blog and go hmmm what's there to write about. So I'll have to think of some interesting things that might be blog worthy that might get me back into blogging more.
I went to Kyra's chorus concert last night. It was very good. There was some music that was a little dull but overall it was terrific. It really made me realize though how much times have changed. The kids all had on blue jeans and their chorus tshirts. Even the director had on jeans. When Amy was in chorus everyone dressed up even the parents who went. I'm not sure which I like better. It's nice to know that you don't always have to dress up to attend an event, but I miss getting dressed up to go to things too. I wonder if we aren't getting just a little too casual. Maybe it'll turn around. They always say what goes around comes around. For whatever that's worth.
See I've blabbed on about nothing for long enough now. I should see whats on tv and crawl into to bed to warm up. I'm not sure I'm ready for cold weather.

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