Thursday, October 02, 2008

Where's Friday when you need it?

Today was a stressful day and the fact that I have one more day of school this week doesn't help. If I tried to explain what made this day so frustrating I don't think anyone outside of school would even begin to understand. Lets just say that even though we have way less kids we have to jump through so many more hoops and between demanding parents and teachers who act first and think later it's frustrating the heck out of me. Let's just leave it at that.

On to more uplifting subjects. The weather has been gorgeous. Perfect fall days and nights. Last night they predicted a light frost so I picked all my basil. Tonight I'm going to make pesto to freeze. I don't think it really froze but I did see a little frost on the rooftops this morning on my way in to work. It won't be long before scraping windows will be the norm. Can Christmas be far behind? I love this time of year. I need to get out and get some pictures before all the leaves are gone from the trees.

The vice presidential debates are on tonight. I doubt that I will watch. I have had my mind made up for quite awhile and I don't think it will change so I don't want to watch. Isn't that terrible? It will be interesting to see how all this economy thing plays out. Unfortunately no matter who gets in office I don't think much is going to change any time soon.

Well my pizza just got here so I think I'll go eat. I really didn't have much to write about anyway.

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