Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Recap

Why does time on the weekends go so much faster than during the rest of the week? Even when I have an extra day off it still goes flying by. Friday Amy, Will and I hit the mall in search of a few items to fill in my fall wardrobe. We got home in time for Wendy to pick of Will and then we left again for KMart. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and a couple pairs of pants. Saturday Steve and I hit Sams and Walmart before going to Hannah's last soccer game. She was really aggressive and played well so it was fun to watch. Then I went and picked up Wendy and the kids and took Haley clear across town to her Lego league. I hadn't been that far west for a long time. This town is amazing. Then Wendy,Will, Hannah and I went and found Halloween decorations for their Halloween party. Then back to pick up Haley and Valentinos for supper. Yesterday I spend the day in the kitchen cooking. I made meatballs, 3 casseroles, cooked a pumpkin and froze 4 cups of pumpkin ( I had never done that before) and made barbeque pork for sandwiches, and taco shells to freeze. I have pictures of the mess I made but no time to post them now. Maybe I'll post pictures tonight. Needless to say my kitchen is still a mess because I filled my dishwasher up once and its ready for the second load of dishes. What do them by hand! If there's one thing I've learned well over the years is that messes will wait. It was a fast and furious weekend but productive and thats what counts. I will post more tonight and with pictures if I remember. I want to get my blog numbers up for the month so twice a day posting should do it. Off to get ready for the day.

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