Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Well it's 2008. My motto for the year is: All things great in 2008. I should work for an ad company huh! Now if someone starts putting that on all their things you'll have seen it here first folks. Start sending in the royalties.
We had a great time last night. For the last few years we have spent New Years Eve playing games at my house. As the kids get older it becomes even more fun. Sorry about the sideways picture. Somehow I thought it would right itself. It does in some programs. Will made me think of Scott so much. Even though it wasn't Will's idea to take off his pajamas, Scott always ran around the house in just his diaper or underwear. Couldn't keep clothes on that kid.
I have made so many resolutions in all the years past, that if I had followed them all, I would be a perfect human being. Of course since that is not true, I'm making only one resolution this year. Drum roll please. I resolve to: Be happy with what I have and not wish for all the things I don't have. For example, I'm always wishing for a bigger house. Well really this house suits us just fine most of the time. I know many people who entertain in much smaller houses and do it well. So I resolve to be happy with my little house and entertain more inspite of it. I could go on and on but that's really not the point. The point is I have a really wonderful life and I'm going to focus on the nontangible things and quit worrying about tangible things. Off soapbox.

Now of course there is a difference between a resolution and a goal. Am I going to set goals for this year. Duh!!! So here is a list of goals for 2008.

1. Lose weight. I know this is one everybody does, but it has to be my top goal. I just don't want to have another year of being overweight and all that goes with it.

2. Declutter my house. I think the overweight and the clutter go hand in hand.

3. Knit more.

4. Scrapbook more

5. Stay up until 10 most nights. I could get more of the other two done if I didn't fall asleep so early.

6. Watch less TV

7. No Diet Coke

8. Blog regularly. It was nice to go and read the few entries I had over the past year.

9. Have more family dinners

10.Give more

I'm sure the list will change over the year, but that's the beauty of goals. They are something someone strives for and they can come and go with out all the guilt of a resolution.

I'm off to dry my hair and see if I can't accomplish something this first day of the year.


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