Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's All Good

Have you ever thought you could write the next great novel if only you had a title? Well that's how I feel about this blog. If only I could come up with a great title I could blog. I know some people blog first and then take their title from the blog. I tend to like to do things in order. At the top is the title and then the body, so..... you have to have a title first. There must be a condition and a drug for this problem.
Well tomorrow it's back to work. It seems pointless to go back for 2 days, but as Amy pointed out it gives the kids a chance to ease into it gradually. It's been really nice to not have to go outside these last few days if I didn't want to. It's supposed to start warming up tomorrow and we could even have a little melting. I like the snow though. It could keep dumping fresh snow down every so often. Just none of this really frigid temperatures thank you.
I'm ready for tomorrow morning. I grilled a couple of chicken breasts and cut one up into pieces, cut up some peppers and put some greek yogurt into a container. Lunch is done. I even made Steve a sandwich. Now if I can locate my black pants I'm set. I think they are in the closet. Better check tonight.
I thought I would start dieting Jan 1, and I have made an attempt at it. I have eaten better than usual the last couple of days, but not as good as I could. Maybe being back at school will help. I hope so. I know I really need to get serious about this and follow through. I've been practicing at this dieting long enough. Last time I did weight watchers online and it worked really well. This time it isn't the motivator I need, but I still think its the best plan out there. I'm going to keep at it and this weekend really plan out what I need to do for the following week. In my case, no plan means no diet.
Along those lines, Amy, Steve and I went to Sam's tonight. I bought lots of fresh food, some teriyaki salmon, sugar free hot chocolate and chicken breasts. Unfortunately my spinach ended up at Amy's house. My plan for tomorrow is to have oatmeal for breakfast and a half a grapefruit. Lunch will be grilled chicken, pepper strips, greek yogurt and 2 clementines. Supper is going to be teriyaki salmon and baked sweet potatoes and some other vegie. Snack of sf hot chocolate and some other fruit. Maybe if I list my foods for the following day I will stick to it better. Can't hurt.
I need to get back to knitting. I have one sock close to done and the other one nowhere near even started. I started a sweater earlier too. They won't get done if I don't get back to them. Reading is going slow too. I started Pillars of the Earth. I think I just need to turn off the tv. With that note I think I'll work a little on the CPU as Haley calls it and then turn in and read awhile.

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