Saturday, January 05, 2008

What a do nothing Saturday? I have spent most of the day on the computer. I did accomplish quite a few computer tasks though, so the day wasn't a complete waste. We hardly even left the house and it was such a beautiful day. I think the high was 39. Definitely not the usual weather for the fifth of January.

I don't think I could even do a blog challange today, that's how little I did. Scott and Wendy and the kids came over to sled on the hill. Poor Will. He rode with Haley more than with anyone else and she kept wiping out. Once they went flying into the street and crashed. The snow is definitely packed down. We need about 4 more inches of the fluffy white stuff.
I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow. If ever there was one chore that I put off, grocery shopping would be it. I think I would even cook more if I just didn't have to shop. Even with the prospect of a Starbucks to shop with doesn't do it. Luckily we go to Sams on a weekly basis and buy meat and produce, otherwise it would be slim pickings around here.
Well I could ramble on about nothing but I think I'll call it a night.

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