Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where's the heat?

Here it is the 23rd of May and it's down right chilly and windy. I'm really tired of the wind. It seems like when its cold, it's windy. But let it get to be 90 degrees and humid and then the air is as still as still can be. I know it could be worse but I'm tired of it.
We don't have Scotts kids today. So of course the weather is crappy and there's a ton of things to do outside. I'm hoping that it calms down a little this afternoon and we can get some things done. I can't believe it's Memorial day weekend already. School's been out for a week for the kids but it doesn't seem right. Though I did see a couple of girls wrapped in towels walking home yesterday from the pool. All I could think of was brr, the pool's open? It was 57 degrees yesterday.
So what have I been doing in the last month. Not much really, hence the no blogging. You have to have a life to write about one. Amy and I went shopping on Thursday and had lunch at Paneras. Good place to eat. Our goal is to try and get out on a regular basis and go to a place that at least one of us has never been to before. I had been to Paneras but Amy hadn't. Next place I want to go is to Sanaas. It is a local Mediterrianan restuarant with all healthy and natural foods. We talked about going to the farmers market today. Maybe we can work lunch into that too. Sanaas and the farmers market are in the same little shopping area. If not today then definitely another day.
Tomorrow is Hannah's 7th birthday. Wow I can't believe my little Hannah is going to be 7. She is my cuddler grandchild. Always quick with the hugs and definitely a grandmas girl. It'll be sad when the day comes and she doesn't want to sit on my lap and give hugs. Unfortunately that day is coming fast I'm afraid. Speaking of coming fast Kyra is now a freshman in high school. The next four years will fly by. Can we put this tape in slo-mo please.
Lets see what else is new. I cooked last night. Thats probably something I haven't done in a month. I made a pasta salad. Just your typical macaroni and pea salad, but it was extra good. I added a little of this and a little of that. Used these really cute mini bow tie pastas. It was either really good or we just haven't had any homecooked food for so long that anything would have tasted terffic.
On the Grady front he is getting better. His craziness is less and less. He still steals things from the sink and likes to shred paper. Probably the worst is the mud. Our yard has lots of dirt thanks to this big tree in the middle that has killed some of the grass. Well since it has been raining alot lately we have alot of mud. What do goldens like better than anything. Water and mud. Even when he just goes out to pee it seems he has to walk through some of the mud. I thought he was good this morning but no, there is mud tracks all over my living room carpet. I really had thought we could clean carpets this weekend too, but not if it is still muddy. Sooner or later it has to dry up right?
Well I should have titled this the whiner blog. It seems like all I did was complain about something. I'll have to try better in the future.

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