Monday, September 29, 2008

Not three days in a row!

Hard to believe huh? See what not having anxiety attacks can do. Changes your life I tell ya!! I even came home and changed clothes and made supper. Pretty damn amazing. I made a recipe out of a cookbook I stole back from Wendy. She had this amazing cheesy pasta chicken stuff one Saturday as leftover. Having not had lunch I stole a few bites and thought wow this was really good. (Not that I didn't think it would be Wendy! I just thought it was a really good dish and one I would like to make.) When they came home I asked where she got the recipe from and she said one of my cookbooks she had borrowed. So I obsessed over this dish for a couple of weeks and finally one Saturday babysitting I ransacked her cookbooks and found the recipe. Took the cookbook back home and had planned to make it that next week. Well it didn't work out that way but I made it tonight. It's a chicken veggie mixture that you make and then you use some of it for these other recipes in the book. I made the Portuguese frittata tonight and it was amazing. Amy you could so do this without the chicken for Kyra. It would still be yummy. Anyway thank you Wendy. I may have never gotten around to making this if hadn't been for you. Come take more of my cookbooks and share what's really good to make out of them.

I let Kyra use my camera last night. She's going to photography club this coming Saturday and she's borrowing my camera. It was fun to see the images she got. She's got a good perspective and captured some cute images. Like my crazy grandsons. Yeah they're just a little goofy.

Steve just took Grady to the pet store to pick out new toys and some new bones to chew on. I hope if there is such a thing as reincarnation and I have to come back as a pet that I'm owned by somebody like us. Grady definitely has it made in the shade here.

Glenna is back in town. Actually they are staying in a cabin on Oakwood lake but close enough. We're going to supper tomorrow night. It'll be nice to reconnect and visit. I really miss working with her. She was one of a kind.

Well since there isn't much on tv I think I'm going to read for awhile. I started Gossamer by Lois Lowry. It's a middle school book but it's quite fascinating so far.


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