Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here it is the 27th of May and my furnace kicked in. I remember many a May when we were running the air conditioning alot by now. What a odd year! The sad thing is I can decide if I should let the furnace run or turn it off and shiver. Yesterday was beautiful. We worked outside for some of the day. Steve mowed and applied fertilizer and weed killer. We bought 12 bags of mulch. To be put on the flower beds at a later date of course. We're not ones to get everything done in one day. I planted my flowers in pots and we bought two rocker gliders and a table for the front deck. Over all it was a productive day for us.
I worked on a tag album for Hannah. It is pictures from her birthday party. I thought it might be a nice little keepsake to help her remember her 7th birthday. But let me tell you I have glue issues. You know those little xyron glue runner things. I have a bigger one that I love, but when I put in a new cartridge I accidently ran it backwards. A definite no no evidently. I now need a new cartridge. So I thought I'd use the smaller one. Works fine except that after 3 small tags worth it was out of glue. It was a brand new cartridge too. Really can they only have that much glue in them. Are you supposed to only barely use them? So I think I need to find a new system that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg and is dummy proof. I really like all the hybrid options but I don't want to go broke buying glue. Enough of the rant.
On to dieting. It's not happening. Today is a new start again. I know I need to do it, but somehow that isn't getting through to the "lets put food in the mouth part of the brain." So today I am recommiting to Weight Watchers and healthy living. Last time I did WW's' I did all the gimmicks. The pumpkin pudding, all the fake food. I'm not saying that I won't succumb to that this time too, but I am going to try and eat healthy whole foods. So my goal this week is to stick to the plan, follow it as strictly as possible. Maybe if I only set a goal a week, I can do a better job. This week I am only going to worry about eating within my points and making healthy choices. I'll worry about exercise later. Sometimes I think I try to do it all the first day and burn out. Slow but sure wins the race right? I have a hair appt this noon and afterwards I am going to stop at the store and buy veggies. Hopefully the prices won't scare me away.

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