Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah

Last night we celebrated Hannah's birthday. Her actual birthday was Saturday, but since mom and dad had a wedding to shoot they had the party last night. I love
summer birthdays. More times than not we have them outside. Scott and Wendy have this nice big triple garage which has practically nothing in it. We all hang out in there out of the elements and the kids play outside. Every party anymore has a pinata. It seems to be one of the kids's favorite things. I don't know if they like the candy the best or beating the crap out of the pinata. Whatevery it is the kids have a blast.
It's nice that Scott and Wendy invite all the relatives and the neighbors. It gives the kids a sense of community. You know that old it takes a village thing. After all the festivities, the adults hang around in the garage and talk and the kids go out back and play. What is absolutely amazing is that with my 6 grandchildren and all their different personalities, there is hardly ever any fighting or bickering. They spend alot of time together too since Amy watches Scotts kids during the day. Somehow they have established roles within theirselves that work. I just hope that I haven't now jinxed them and all they'll do this summer is squabble.
It appears to be a beautiful day today. I have lots on the agenda. A little house work, alot of yard work and maybe a start on cleaning out the garage. Wouldn't that be something.

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