Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Haircut, a few scrapping stores and neighborhood coffee.

Yesterday was a relatively busy day for me. Normally I don't schedule much in my days, I like the casualness of doing nothing. It means I'm always ready for more impromptu nothingness. I started off the day with doing some of the chores on my list. I know, I know, can you believe I actually made a list and then did the things on the list. It worked so well that I'm trying it again today. I had an 11:00 hair appt. It is always nice to refresh the look with a cut and color. At the end of my appointment, Amy and the boys came in for the boys's haircuts. After much bribing with a trip to the pet store and a new webkinz, they were very good this time. While they were getting their haircuts, Amy and I discussed going to a few local scrapbook stores. I was hoping to score some new adhesive and some refills for my xyrons. We went to a new store for me, Scatterjoy. What a nice little place that was. The lady behind the counter was super friendly, just that nice grandmotherly person who you could probably sit and have a cup of tea with anytime. I love local stores!!! I frequent the local yarn stores and come away with that same feeling. As much as I love Walmart for all its Walmartiness, you just don't get that warm cozy feeling there. Anyway I bought a few items for this album I'm making for Hannah and a couple of new albums that I have ideas for. I was never a paper scrapper. Oh every once in awhile my daughter would get me interested and I would purchase some things. But when it came to actually doing it I never really got into it. Then a couple of years ago she introduced me to digital scrapping. All the fun but no mess. While I haven't made oodles of albums and things it is something that I enjoy. But going into that scrapbook store really made me want to paper scrap. I don't have the space for paper scrapping, and I definitely don't need to start a new craft, but oh there's that yearning. I have always loved crafts and taking nothings and making something out of it. So thank goodness for hybrid. It gives you a little of both.
Last night was neighborhood coffee and Pat's house. Her house is decorated so cute. She had just redone her kitchen and I joked about when we were going to exchange houses. It was a very nice evening. Eight of the nine were there, Cheri had just returned from Hawaii and wasn't there. It's kinda surprising that 8 women can get together and talk about a myriad of subjects and leave 3 hours later still friends. Someday I must bring my camera and take pictures of our group. We've already lost 3 members, 2 due to death. Anyway I did really good on my diet yesterday until then. And even then I didn't do too bad at first. She had angel food cake with strawberries, meat and cheese and crackers. Not bad choices. I took the cake and strawberries and a couple pieces of cheese and a couple of meat and a couple crackers. So far so good. Then we sat at the table. She put the meat and cheese on the table along with the nuts and crackers. Well what do you do when you linger and talk at the table with munchies still on the table. Why you continue to eat. Probably 400 calories later and 10:30 at night we finally said good-bye. Now of course thanks to eating so late at night, I am starving this morning. It is going to be a real challenge to stay the course today.
Well I'm off to conquer my list and spend some time scrapping. Long live summer vacation.

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