Friday, May 30, 2008

Geez, I'm such a dork!

So I've been organizing away in AcDsee with all my scrapbooking things. I'm almost done, just have to do the w's. Last night of course we had severe weather in our area. I have been so afraid of losing my computer and EHD that I've become quite paranoid about it all. So after the first crack of thunder, I decided that I would shut everything down and unplug everything. Great! The weather wasn't that bad here but I spent the night reading a book anyway and didn't turn anything back on. This morning I decided to do a scrapbook page and went into acdsee and was pulling papers and elements. BUT when I went to put them in photoshop not all of them would go there. Amy said it was because some weren't in the folder that they should have been. Like I had moved them or something. Well I knew I hadn't moved them so there had to be another reason. I'm trying this and that and finally realize that my EHD isn't working. It has power but my computer wasn't reading it. Hmmm. So I call Amy. I'm sure my EHD has died and I'm complaining about how I spent all that time organizing and it was all in vain. Then lo and behold I look at my computer. What is that? Well that my dear is the USB thats not plugged into your computer. And guess again. Yep when I plugged it in my EHD worked. Will wonders never cease. I tell you this old age thing is not all its cracked up to be. Actually I don't really think it has anything to do with age but it works well for an excuse.

Yesterday was a dreary, drizzly day. One of those days that just calls for curling up and reading a book. I did just that. I finally finished Friday Night Knitting Club. I wasn't sure I was going to finish it since I peeked ahead at one point when I was getting bored with it and knew how it was going to end. But my better judgement won out and I finished the book. I am glad that I did. Even though I knew what was going to happen and all, I was glad to read about the relationships of the characters at the end. I hope that proves to be a lesson for me. I often peek ahead if a book is starting to bore me. Maybe now I'll either not peek ahead or read on anyway.

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and it is 70 degrees at noon. Bring on more of these kinds of days. I probably should go and do some weeding but I think it is still too muddy and getting muddy isn't on my agenda. Actually I put nothing on my agenda for today. I'm taking a day off and doing whatever comes to mind. I should do a little housework. I watch Scotts kids all day tomorrow so I won't get anything done tomorrow.

Well off to try that scrapbook page again. Maybe I can get it done and have something to show tomorrow. Yeah right!

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