Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Cold Night for Baseball

Last night we spent 2 and a half hours sitting at baseball games. Can we say Brrrr? I'm not sure baseball was meant to be played when the fans are sitting bundled up in coats and blankets. Baseball should be played in warm weather right? Amy and I went to Kylers game. Then we trekked across town to watch the tail end of Kirby's game. There must be some overachieving dads at that game because when we got there it was already getting dark and it was definitely cold. So when the game should be done, the coaches got together and decided to play another inning. Are you guys crazy? We're freezing out here!!

We woke up to a little thunder and rain this morning. There were puddles in my backyard. Another day of wiping off the dog's feet. They are talking severe storms this evening. I love a good thunderstorm, but with all the tragic storms around the area lately I'm not so sure I want severe weather.
Amy and I are going out for lunch today. I think we're going to Sanaa's. I've been there before but Amy hasn't. It's in the same area as some of the local art stores so I'm sure we'll check out at least one.
Well I must say my list thing is working out quite well. Who knew that just making a list could be so freeing. I put manageable things to do on my list and then when I'm done with the list for the day I'm done. No more worrying about "Oh maybe I should be doing this or that" I can just put those things on the list for another day. I know the rest of the world has been using this technique for quite awhile, but I has been quite a revelation for me.
Dieting is not going quite as well as it should. But I am trying to eat better and we haven't had fast food for over a week, so that is an accomplishment in itself. Babysteps.
Well should head for the shower and get some of my list items for today done.

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