Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy and Wendy!!!!!!!!!

It's my daughter's and daughter-in-law's birthdays today. My son had the good sense to marry someone whose birthday is the same day as his sisters. No excuse for not remembering either one huh? All I know is that of all the women in the world I have the 2 best to be my daughter and daughter-in-law. My daughter is my best friend, the person who I can always count on to go and do fun things together with. She also is the person who keeps me up to date on whats in vogue and in style. That doesn't mean we're style mavins, it just means she always knows whats in and cool. She knows the hottest books and music and what colors are the in colors. She's also very creative and talented. Like today we hit thrift stores so she could find old wool sweaters. She wants to felt them and make purses out of them. How cool is that!

Wendy is just the best daughter in law anyone could want. She is such a great mom and always has everything so organized. She's my idol in that she gets up every morning to work out and still has time to get the kids and herself ready for the day. I barely get myself out the door in one piece. I wish we had more time together to do the fun things that Amy and I get to do. We would have a blast. Unfortunately their time together as a family is so limited that I hate to suggest we go shopping on a Sunday, but we should try and do it once in awhile.

Amy and I went to the farmers market again today. After that and Starbucks I went home to what I thought would be a very productive day at home. Well I hadn't been home for more than 10 minutes when the phone rings. It was Kyra ( though at the time I thought it was Kirby). Could I get Mom out of the house from 10 to 12? I thought she said that Cameron was going to paint the wall in the living room as a surprise for her birthday. So I called Amy and said that I didn't feel like doing anything yet and would she like to go out and do something. We decided to go thrift store shopping. Man why does anybody buy anything new anymore when thrift stores have everything? But anyway we got home about 12:30ish and there sitting in their living room was a piano. Cameron had arranged for a piano mover to come and move his parent's piano to their house. I know Amy was probably a little disappointed because she had decided she wanted an electric piano and had even picked one out at Schmidts. I'm sure his parents said why spend the money when they could have theirs. I know how getting something from the in-laws isn't always the gift it should be. My mother-in-law gave me an electric frying pan one year for either birthday or Christmas. Well after a year or two I had hardly ever used it so I sold it on the rummage sale. I don't think she ever forgave me. So I hope that down the line somewhere her inlaws don't either yank it out from under her as in "oh Chrissy needs the piano now". I just know that Amy and Kyra will really enjoy having a piano in the house.

I've started decorating for fall. I did a little bit a couple of weeks ago and I hope to finish today. Honestly it has just felt too early for fall things. Even when the weather was cool and fall like I didn't feel like it should be fall all ready. Well fall is here whether I'm ready or not and I need to get the decorations out. I am ready for soups and apples and pumpkins so I guess I'm ready for fall.

I must blog with pictures that I took last week with the kids at the apple orchard. Maybe I can do that tomorrow. I have been such a terrible blogger lately. Work is really quite stressful lately and I come home drained physically and emotionally. Though I have to say I didn't have any big anxiety attacks this week so maybe that's a good sign. I am really sick of them. They zap any energy I may have and make it impossible to keep up with all that I need to keep up with. I'm really not one who wants to take more drugs than necessary so I'm not sure I want to go to an everyday drug. I keep hoping that I will "outgrow" them. They came on suddenly maybe they can go away the same way.

Well I've written enough for one day. I really do need to get things done.

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