Saturday, September 20, 2008

No More Talk of Dieting

I was going back and reading some of my old blog entries. Every other one was about dieting and how I'm not doing it. Well jeez, shut up already. There's more to life than whining about how pathetic you are in the dieting department. So there. No dieting talk. No more negative talk period. Of course that means I must figure out what else to talk about. Could be kinda slim pickins.

I do know that I love my Saturday mornings. Going to the farmers market even if I don't really need anything is still a great way to spend a morning. We get Starbucks and hit the Breadsmith and sometimes other places that are on our list. It is so great to have an adult daughter to enjoy all those things with. I could always go with a friend but I don't think it would ever be as much fun as I have with Amy. Actually when it's all said and done there really is nothing better than spending time with the people you love.

Tomorrow I watch the kids again. A Sunday this time. I don't think I have the kids for the next few weeks. I will definitely miss them. Spending a whole day with them is just the best. I don't know what we'll end up doing. I'd like to take them to the apple orchard. I think their festival is this weekend. Will would like it I think. We'll have to see how it goes.

I bought a soup cookbook magazine this week. I know, surprise I buy a cookbook something!!!LOL. I can't wait for soup season. One of my favorite things to make especially on a cool Sunday is soup. This cookbook has some great looking recipes.

I have had such major anxiety issues this week. Even if I take a pill or two I still can't seem to shake them off. Not only do I feel funky with them they make me feel like I can't do anything. If your heart beats weird the tendency is to just sit and rest. At least for me that's what I feel like doing. I really don't know what sets them off. I don't think it's the usual fears or things like that. I really think it's more a chemical imbalance of some sort. Whatever it's no fun.

Well that's about it for the night. I took a break from writing this to go out to eat with Steve's dad. I should probably get a few things picked up and done tonight since tomorrow will be a washout.


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