Sunday, September 07, 2008

Where do the weekends go?

Seriously we need to find a way to make weekends last longer. Just when I get into to the swing of things the weekend is over. It seems like all I get done is get ready for the week ahead. I think I have forgotten how to be organized. I know I've become lazy the last few years but really it shouldn't take me all weekend to get a few things done. I did go to the mall with Kyra and Amy. Kyra wanted a new backpack and I wanted to get some 3/4 sleeve tops. Kyra didn't find a backpack but I did get quite a few new tops. I really need to find a new style of pant that fits better too. Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to find some pants. I see lots of other fat people in pants that fit and don't droop and sag. The trouble is I hate to try things on so I never grab a bunch of pants and see if any fit well. I really think men have it so much easier. At least Steve can always grab a pair in his size and they always seem to fit. That's not always the case with women's clothes.

I am so loving this cooler weather. I put a Autumn Wreath tart in my tart warmer today and it smells like fall at my house. Love that one! It's cinnamonny and fallish all in one. I even made brownies today. I should have made some soups for the freezer too but I went shopping instead. I'm sure I'll have lots of other cool Sundays to make soup. I'm really struggling with cooking these days. I'm craving comfort foods like casseroles and soups and such. Unfortunately with just the 2 of us casseroles are not always the best choice. Even if I cut them in half, I end up eating them 2 or 3 days in a row. But if we eat chicken breasts and fish and that sort of thing, there isn't any leftovers and I end up taking frozen meals to lunch. They aren't always that good and it's easy to get sick of them in a hurry. We had this one EA who lived alone and always brought the most amazing lunches. She loved to cook and would make herself these really great dishes and freeze some of it and bring some of it for lunch. She really knew how to do those things. I'm sure it was because she had done it for years and really loved to cook. I "like" to cook but I don't like doing it everyday. She would look forward to going home and cooking supper, even if it was just for herself. I wonder if I could have that passion if I just did it every day and pretended there was no other way. Unfortunately there is too much already made food out there that is just too easy. And remember I said I've become lazy!

I also have to figure out a time that works for blogging regularly. You wouldn't think it would be that hard. Do it in the morning before school or after supper and before bed. Somehow I can't get on a regular schedule. Do you see a theme here? I think laziness has taken over my life. Time to take it back.

A couple of Willism's before I go. He was going "Yum, yum delisioso!" alot yesterday. Grandpa asked him if he knew what it meant. Will replied," I'm trying to figure that out".
After I jammied him, I asked if he wanted to sit out in the living room and cuddle with me before his mom and dad came home. He asked if he could bring his hammer. I said," You want to cuddle with your hammer?" He replied, "No, that would be too weird Grandma". What a goofy kid. I love hanging out with him though and wish he wouldn't grow up quite so fast.

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