Tuesday, September 02, 2008

monster spray and other thoughts

I made Will anti monster spray today. Last night when we were at their house he came up from downstairs crying that he was afraid of monsters. He's at that age where they start to have unexplainable fears and monsters are usually the first thing they become afraid of. I told him I would make him monster spray to keep the monsters away and he got so excited. I couldn't let the poor kid down so I made a label and attached it to a spray bottle. Add some water and peppermint extract and viola -monster spray. I don't know if it will help his fear of monsters but he was so excited to get his spray tonight. By the way there is a little caution sign on the spray. It says "Caution- Do not spray on sisters or moms. May be sprayed on dads." HeHe
Well I'm trying to get back to dieting seriously again. So far today I had a Weight Watcher breakfast sandwich, a Lean Cusine lunch, some grapes, a few almonds for a snack and a chicken stir fry for supper. I hope I can get back on track. I hate how fat I feel, like I'm not even comfortable in my own skin. How many times have I started at the beginning of a week and not made past day 2 or 3. I'm hoping this time is the charm. I know watching Wendy do so well is definitely an incentive. That and to think I used to weigh what she weighs now or even less. I wish I had done what she has done and not let the weight creep up too much without getting serious. Back when I first started working full time and not doing aerobics 5 days a week the weight just crept up a little at a time until here I am. So my goal is to make a full week and take it just week by week and not worry about the other stuff. If I make it dieting this week, next week I'm going to start adding exercise. I know Weight Watchers lets you get used to dieting for 2 weeks before you start exercising. I think one week will work for me.
After a incredibly hot and windy couple of days, it has turned cool and very fall like. I love fall. It has to be my favorite season. Cool crisp days and chilly nights, great stuff. I wish we had had todays weather on Sunday. The fair would have been much more enjoyable. I can't wait to break out all my fall scented tarts and start burning them. And soup - I love soup weather. Might be another thing that helps me stay focused on dieting. Soup is usually low calorie and satisfying so eating more soups might help.
Well it seems like jammie time and a little reading.

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