Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.

Ok maybe not quite but with the little bit of snow on the ground and the fog it just seems like Christmas is just right around the corner. Of course it is just really right around the corner. I'm really in the mood to buy presents and make things. Too bad working gets in the way of all my fun time. I need to get out my planner and make some lists and put down all my ideas before they fly out of my brain. I used to remember everything. Now I need to write things down or off they go into neverland.

Today was a strange day. We had a substitute today which in of itself isn't a big deal. But one of our students was gone and that usually isn't a big deal either. This student though is the one that effects my day the most. Two periods of the day another EA and I change and lay this student down. We go to another room and it's just the three of us, nice and peaceful. After we lay her down we have 30 minutes that we sit and visit and knit or do something useful. It is really a treat after all these years of constant going and doing. Anyway with this student gone we couldn't justify going and just sitting in the room but we really didn't have anything to do either in any of the other rooms. If we would have had our regular teacher she probably would have found something to keep us busy. So we felt like lost souls with no home. I know poor us but it really is harder to not have anything to do than to be really busy. I'll take really busy anyday. Hopefully things are back to normal tomorrow.

After many months of missing and chatting online with Haley, we finally connected on google talk this morning. It used to be so nice to chat a little with her in the morning or later at night when she couldn't sleep. I think I'll still miss hello but this will be nice. Even though I see and talk to my grandchildren more than most grandparents it's nice to have a little daily dose of conversation with them.

I finished my sleeves last night. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm on the front which shouldn't take too long I hope. The neck instructions seem a little tricky but maybe once I'm that far it'll make sense to me. I'm worried most about the hood and sewing the thing together. I really hope it turns out well because it's fun to see a skein of yarn and watch it turn into something wearable. I have always loved crafts and needlework just for that reason. You take virtually nothing and turn it into something beautiful. Feeds that creative spirit.

Can you believe I'm on Facebook? When Steve's brother was here he said he was on Facebook and how he had reconnected with some of his classmates. We talked and I said I didn't think people my age were on Facebook but he is only 7 years younger so I thought who knows it might be worth a try. Well I was more right than he was. I put in my high school and year and what do you know. 3 people from a class of over 300 were there. Yep we're a happening group, keeping up with all the latest and greatest. But I did discover some of my coffee friends and who knows, maybe the word will get to my classmates yet. I'm not holding my breath.

I love this quote.

"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you'll be grateful that you did."


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