Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Middle of the week recap

It's hump day as they say. The middle of the week. As usual it's a pretty mundane week. Wake up, go to school, come home, do a few things, watch a little tv and go to bed. The story of most of our lives. I think very few people lead exciting and adventurous lives. I'm really quite happy with my little dull life, thank you very much but it doesn't make for blog entries. So what have I done this week so far. Monday night was Haley's orchestra concert. I am so struck by how much they learn and how far they come with one or two days a week of instruction and a little practice. Most of these kids have only been playing for a few weeks, especially the band students. You can start orchestra in 4th grade, but band doesn't start until 5th. Anyway, can we say wow! I remember when Amy was in band. They always put the orchestra with the band concerts. They were torturous at the least. There was so much squeaking and squawking it practically made your ears bleed. In those few short years between Amy's grade school concerts and Kyra's concerts they must have changed how they taught because the difference is amazing. These concerts were quite enjoyable. And I am so happy that my grandchildren have the opportunity to experience music. Steve didn't have orchestra where he went to school so his knowledge is somewhat limited. I did have an orchestra at my high school but I've learned the most working in a middle school and listening to their concerts. Everyone should learn to appreciate the beauty of a good orchestra. Off my soap box now.
Yesterday was just a normal day. Most of the time my highlight of the day is taking Kyra to and from school. It is such a blessing to spend this time with her. And because I take her home and stop there for about a 1/2 hour everyday I get to see Kirby and Kyler. Well some days, some days they're off busy doing their own thing. It's all good anyway.
Today was supposed to be warm about 50 degrees or so. Can we say they lied! I don't think it got to 40. I told Kyra she didn't need her heavy coat. She thanked me when I picked her up for giving her such good advice. I doubt she'll listen to me anytime soon when it comes to the weather. I finally typed Wendy's email address into my school email list. I don't talk to her as frequently as I do Scott so it will be nice to communicate a little easier with her. Of course today if I had just read her blog this morning most of my questions would have been answered. Note to self read Wendy's blog in the morning!
See my life is pretty dull. No good stories. I'm hoping this weekend with the festival of trees, I'll have some new pictures to post. And then next week Thanksgiving. Let the holidays begin.
Off to see about supper. Not doing so good on the cooking blog. We're eating pretty simply or just grabbing too much fast food. Need to work on that.

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