Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a difference a week makes!

Last week it was 70 degrees and a picture perfect day. This week this is what is greeting me in the morning when I step out and get the paper. Nice huh? And man is it cold, a bone chilling 20 some degrees. I kinda like the snow but it's going to take some getting used to with the cold.
So how is my four day weekend going you ask. Pretty good. I spent most of it yesterday shopping. Amy wanted to get up early and get to Walmart by 8:00 to grab a special on a laptop she had seen online. I'm always up for a shopping trip so I said sure I'd love to go along. Well after much confusion from the Walmart staff. (Like we were just standing around the electronics area with a few other people waiting for it to hit 8 o'clock. Two minutes before 8 they say oh you need to get a number from the customer service area. Great, a line is forming with people who already have numbers.) Long story short Amy got a number and while waiting in line I decided that it was just too good a deal to pass up and I got a number. So by 8:30 both Amy and I had laptops for $298 each. I thought Steve might not be happy because we really don't need another computer but luckily he was ok with it. So after that we went home for awhile and waited for Kyra to get ready and then we headed out to the mall. Both Kyra and I wanted new winter coats. I found what I was looking for right away but Kyra wasn't quite as easy. She has definite ideas of what she likes, just like her mom did at her age. Amy says it's just pay back. I guess I go along to say uh huh, yep that's right. But I got a coat, some tarts from Yankee candle and a new top and jeans. Not bad for a days work. And hopefully I helped the economy too. Haha.
Yesterday I spent alot of time thinking about something called project 365. The only way I knew about it was in the photography area, where you take a picture every day for a year. I think that is such a cool idea and would love to do that. But then I read about this couple who took Rachael Ray's 365 No Repeat cookbook and decided to make a recipe from that book every day. They started at the beginning and worked their way through to the end. All this made me think that I need to start some 365 projects of my own. Particularly in the cooking department. Realistically I know I couldn't cook something different every day. There's only 2 of us and we would have too many leftovers, but I could try and cook about 5 meals a week. Sometimes I have to make something a project before I can get excited about it. Especially things that have become quite mundane like cooking. So I started another blog called Colleen Cooks 365 (there's a link to the left side of my blog). I'm hoping by blogging and documenting it will give me that nudge to actually do it. Time will only tell, but hey nothing ventured nothing gained right.
Less than 3 weeks until Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving because it's just about getting together and enjoying your family with food and traditions. There's no pressure to find the right gift or any of that. This year I'm particularly excited because Wendy is hosting it. It's like passing on the torch. I thought maybe I might be sad about that but heck no I've done it for so many years like 30 something that it will nice to be mostly a guest. And the best part is I still get to make some of the food. (By the way Wendy I hope you got my email, outlook was being weird this morning)
Well I've rambled on enough. I should go knit on a sweater. I've only attempted the sleeves about 6 times but this time I think I've got it.

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