Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well my room is finished except for the picture hanging. It took me all day to clean out the closet. It's amazing how many craft projects I have/had unfinished. If the road to heaven is paved with good intentions then I'm there babe. But my closet now is totally organized and hopefully this winter I will work on some knitting and embroidery projects. At least when the urge strikes I'll be able to get to them. So tomorrow it's on to the bathroom and linen closet. That should be a quick job. It seems I do the linen closet every year. I blame it on having a small house and the linen closet gets to be a catchall. Hopefully there isn't anything that needs to be thrown away. The garbage can is full and the trash haulers don't come until Monday.

Just finished watching 2 hours of Grey's Anatomy. I can never seem to stay awake during the school year. Hopefully with it going to Thursday nights I'll stand a little better chance of seeing it. And if I can convince Steve that we need to have DVR I can watch alot of shows.

It looks like we could get some thunderstorms later tonight. After just checking the radar, though, it looks like it could just split around us. I hope not, I like a good thundershower.

I'm going to give blogger a few more minutes and then I'm posting without a picture of my room. I don't know why it has been giving me problems lately. Oh well I guess it doesn't want my picture tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Goodnight all.

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