Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just a short post. This is my last hours of summer vacation. While I'm ready to go back and have a structured routine, I'm sad to see my freedom go. I've had a great summer vacation. I spent time with the grandkids, learned to digitally scrapbook, cleaned out a few closets and rooms and even put on my swimming suit. All in all I feel like I accomplished alot. Hopefully it won't all come to stop now that I'm back to school.

We went and saw Steve's dad at the hospital tonight. He's doing really well. With any luck he should be out of the hospital this weekend. It's Steve's mom that I worry about. You could tell tonight she was lost without grandpa at home. Luckily Mary is here and can stay with her until Sunday. I'm not sure how they will manage next week when Steve's dad gets home. I'm sure it will all work out but I know it's on everyone's minds.

Well I've laid out my clothes for the morning and my hair should be good tomorrow. I love that I only have to shower and shampoo my hair every other day. See there are good things about growing older. I have to remember to get some cash from Steve for lunch tomorrow. We get to eat out these next two days. A treat since we never have a chance the rest of the school year.

Goodnight all.

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