Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Plunger in the Kitchen Sink - Not a Good Sign!

Last we night we decided to go for a ride. Steve said to refill my tea glass to take along. Well when I went into the kitchen I noticed the sink was not draining. Since the portable dishwasher empties into the sink, it is kind of important that it drains. I can't imagine what we would have come home to if I hadn't gone to refill my tea glass. So before we go on our ride Steve pours drain cleaner in and we leave. We come home and the water has drained out so Steve decides to plunge it to hopefully get the clog to release. Long story short - no such luck. The sinks were filled with water now and they were not draining. To snake them out they have to drain first. Seems like a simple enough thing right. Well at 7 this morning the water still wasn't completely out. Even by 2 when I left the house there was still water in the sink. Nice. By the time Steve gets home around 5 the water has drained and he can snake it out. Lets just say that when I hear some not so encouraging words coming from my hard working husband, I can only assume that after he snaked it,it still doesn't drain. After a call to Ace to see if they have a longer snake, we are now in the process of snaking further down the pipe. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We've never had to have a plumber Steve has always been able to take care of these things. Hate to have to break the trend now.

I went to coffee at an old neighbors house today. Even though she only lives a few houses up the street from me I haven't really seen her in years. She sticks pretty close to home and has had to knee replacements ( which I didn't know about until recently). She was the one who got me to apply to work at the school. She had Bonnie and Vicki and me over to meet one of our new neighbors who has lived in the neighborhood for almost a year. Isn't that a sad state of affairs? It takes a year to meet a new neighbor. When we first moved into this neighborhood, everybody knew everybody. Now I think it's a sign of the times, a person doesn't know all their neighbors. And I know that I for one don't always go out of my way to meet the new people either. This new person is young with a 1 year old daughter. She works as a Reading Recovery teacher part time and a realtor part time. She seems really nice and I hope we get to know her better. It was definitely fun talking with all the old neighbors and reminiscing about people who used to live in the "hood".

Well I think I hear water running in the kitchen. Hopefully that means good news.


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